#5 Best Graphics Card Under $50 Dollars

Graphics card is now the lifeline for many Gamers, Video Editors, Animation makers, 3D Modelling AutoCAD. Because they help them to do things quicker, faster and without any lag.

So if you are here to get a low profile graphics card, then my friend you will be glad that you came to this page. These Cheap Graphics Card under 50 dollars are made by some of the best companies out there, like Zotac, MSI, AMD, EVGA, Gigabyte. Nvidia is not here because it is not a budget graphics card.

With the help of budget graphics card under 50, you can able to play lots of old games like GTA 4, counter strike global offensive, far cry, etc. But these cards can also run GTA 5 but it will be laggy as hell.

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Top Performing Graphics Card

Our Best Graphics Card Under 50 Dollars for 2019

best GPU under 50

EVGA GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Low Profile

    Good Speed
    Good Durability
    Best for Work, Games

Best Budget Graphics Cards Under $50


EVGA GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Low Profile

16 Cuda Cores
GPU Clock 520 MHz

Good Speed

Good Durability

Best for Work, Games in this range

Gigabyte GeForce GT 420 2GB DDR3

48 Cuda Cores
GPU Clock 700 MHz

Good Memory

Great Cuda Cores

Better Productivity + Gaming

Zotac GeForce GT 710 2GB DDR3 Low Profile

192 Cuda Cores
954Mhz GPU Clock

Good Performance

Low Power Consumption

MSI Radeon HD 6450 1GB DDR3 Low Profile

160 Cuda Cores
GPU Clock 625 MHz

Good Performance

Low Profile Graphics Card

Gigabyte Radeon R5 230 1GB DDR3

160 Cuda Cores
GPU Clock 625 MHz

Best Graphics Card Buying Guide

If you don’t own Graphics Cards then this is the perfect place to figure out which Graphics Cards will suit your needs. However, there are lots of things to consider while purchasing Graphics Cards.

Things to Consider before buying Graphics Cards

You will need to consider lots of things because you are investing your money not on some crap, but on some good things. So, I will tell you what you will need to consider some of the things when buying Graphics Cards.


You should check its performance before purchasing any of the Graphics Cards because the graphics Cards performance is very crucial. What will you do if you get slow performance Graphics Cards? that’s why its performance plays an important role.

Build Quality

Most of the build quality is very cheap when it comes to Chinese products. But many of the Good products, etc are made up of high-quality raw material which feels premium while using the Graphics Cards.

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