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#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen)

Are you looking for Best gaming laptops under 500 dollars? or Maybe for Video Editing, Music Production, Animation, 3D Modeling, Photo Editing whatever it may be, you will get the best value laptop under 500. You can also take a look at Used Laptop However they will not perform better so I will suggest you to buy a new laptop that will be worthwhile.

You can get the everyday normal home laptop to traveling slim thin laptop for your need (for Students, Working), all you have to understand is your need. What type of laptop do you want so that it can help you to decide further in this range of laptops under 500? Most of the big companies (HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo) are giving their full effort to give you the quality midrange laptops under 500 dollars.

Amazon will deliver the product so you don’t have to worry about that you are living in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Canada, etc. Amazon has got it covered. I have done research on many sites like consumer reports, Reddit, TechRadar, laptop mag, cnet, etc. This list has amazing specs such as 6GB RAM, backlit keyboard, lightweight, Chromebook, HD, Hybrid thin touch screen, SSD, 1080p etc.

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Top Performing Latop

Our Best Laptops Under 500 Dollars for 2019

best laptops under 500

Asus VivoBook F510UA

    Good Design
    Best for Work, Video Editing

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Best Laptops Under $500 Dollars

#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen) 1

Asus VivoBook F510UA

Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz


Good Design

Bezel Less

#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen) 2

Acer Aspire 5

Intel Core i5-8265U Processor 8th Gen

Slim & LightWeight

Great Durability

Better Productivity

#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen) 3

Lenovo Ideapad 330S

1TB HDD + 16GB Optane
Intel Core i5-8250U 1.6GHz

Fast Performance


#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen) 4

HP Pavilion x360

1TB HDD + 16GB Optane
Intel Core i3-8130U Dual Core 2.2 GHz

2 in 1 laptop

Slim and thin Laptop

#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen) 5

HP 15z 15-inch

AMD Ryzen 5 2500U 2.0GHz

Sleek design

Best for Gaming, Video Editing

Best Laptops Under 500 Dollars Buying Guide

Things to Consider before buying Laptops

You will need to consider lots of things because you are investing your money not on some crap, but on some good things. So, I will tell you what you will need to consider some of the things when buying laptops.


You should check its performance before purchasing any of the laptops because laptop’s performance is very crucial. What will you do if you get slow performance laptop? that’s why its performance plays an important role.

Build Quality

Most of the build quality are very cheap when it comes to Chinese products. But many of the Good products like Apple, Samsung etc are made up of high-quality raw material which feels premium while using the laptop.


Intel already dominated most of the market with their processor, but it’s worth spending the time to research what type of processor that particular laptop has.

Battery Backup

This is something which everyone needs but those laptops end up giving 2 to 3 hours backup if we use it for heavy work. So, battery backup is very crucial if you are a traveling person and likes to travel a lot.

As I have already shared all best laptops under $500, now its your turn to share this link to your friends. Maybe they want to buy laptop and this list may help them out. Which Laptop will you prefer to buy? Comment below!

#5 Best Laptops under 500 Dollars (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen) 6

Best Laptops under $500 (8GB RAM, i5, Touchscreen)

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