Best Wifi Names for Router or Hotspot (Funny, Creative, Good, Unique) {May 2019}

Best Wifi Names

As the internet is growing day by day so it is necessary for everyone to use wifi. And usage of wifi is increasing day by day people like to have different and unique wifi names that’s why I came with best wifi names which you can use it on your wifi.

Changing Wifi name will be anonymous and if you want someone to notice that particular message without letting them know about you, then this is a perfect way. Even I also changed my wifi once to You are my crush and after that my crush literally noticed it. I am saying you to not to hurt someone but you can express your love towards someone that is the good way to change your wifi name.

Like if you want to challenge someone then you can change your wifi name to hack me if you can or don’t connect me. These type of wifi names are unique and it will shock your friends or neighbors who are using wifi.

How to Change Wifi Name in Router

Now there are many newbies and don’t know how to change wifi name for their router or hotspot. You can easily able to change your wifi name.

  • Just open your Router Admin panel. By going to your router IP address, in my case my admin panel IP is (In your case this IP may change)
  • Now you go to Advanced or Settings Where you can get SSID.
  • Change that SSID, (Actually, that SSID is your Wifi Name)
  • And Now save it, your router will be restart.

How to Change Wifi Name in Android for Hotspot

  • Just Go to settings and then open your Hotspot.
  • After that touch on Setup hotspot,
  • Now you will see Network Name there, Change it to your desired name.
  • After that save it.

Without wasting too much time, Let’s dive into the world of Best Wifi Names.

Best Wifi Names

Hogwarts Great hall WiFi

LAN down under   

Active 4G

Please Come Back 

Why no you get wifi?      

Bill wi the science fi

Not Your Wifi         



Only For Zombies!!

Click here for password***

Wi-fight the inevitable

fast and Furious 99

hack me

This is not free either

Fantastic forty-four

Kung fu Panda       

The Promised LAN

Log in here  

Salman ka fan         

Call me maybe

find nearby wifi     

I am the internet


cool wifi network

I can read your emails      

Enter the Dragon networks       

New England calm router

Optimus prime       

Go Go Gadget Internet    

Hide yo Kids Hide yo Wifi



I m cheating on my wife

stay away    

Kya hai Bhai??        

Forgot Password

wireless gang bang          

Keep it on the download 

The Next door

Area 51

Don’t even try it

ye old Internet

District 9

Get your own wifi

Nacho wifi


3 Idiots

Please use me

Go to hell

Pick up your dog shit

Total Hear

Life is on net


NoFree so get stuffed

WORLD tour           


Blue M&Ms


not for sell

Wu -Tang LAN

network high

system hack London

Bondage club

Free for 1 day


Sweet Adeline

Don’t snoop


Now I have already shared best wifi names with you, You can bookmark this if you want because whenever I will encounter best wifi name then I will update them here. If you know better wifi names then you can share those wifi name in the comment below.


Best Wifi Names for Router or Hotspot (Funny, Creative, Good, Unique)
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