DTC Pilot technology partner IDEMIA 2023

IDEMIA is now a technology partner of a Netherlands Consortium executing a Digital Travel Credential (DTC) Pilot, which was co-founded by the European Commission.

The European DTC Pilot is between Canada and the Netherlands and is being deployed by a Dutch Consortium comprised of the Ministry of Justice & Security, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defense/Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It is the first transatlantic DTC Pilot in the world.

IDEMIA is slated to be the technology supplier for the European Union (EU) DTC-1 Pilot, a program sponsored by the European Commission (EC) to test the DTC on KLM flights between the two areas for three months.

Digital Travel Credential (DTC) and the function of IDEMIA

DTC is a virtual credential created from a state-issued passport and kept on the holder’s smartphone. It is an exact reproduction of the electronic machine-readable travel document, containing the holder’s biographical information and face image.

Passport checks at distinct checkpoints throughout a journey are regarded to be vital for security, and by utilizing digital technologies to improve this essential procedure, IDEMIA aims to make travel more comfortable for travelers while maintaining their privacy and security.

Participating travelers are able to generate their DTC through a mobile application that can read the chip embedded in a physical travel document. Thereafter, travelers will be able to shoot a selfie, which will be matched to the image saved on the chip of their travel document. Once generated, individuals would be able to communicate with the airline and border control authorities the data and entrance questionnaire pertinent to their travel for biometric boarding and biometric border crossing, respectively. A biometric match and a tap of the passport are all that are necessary upon arrival.

The objective of the DTC pilot is to facilitate the traveler’s experience and make it increasingly easy, quick, and comfortable, while while protecting their security and privacy. Passengers from Belgium, Canada, and the Netherlands traveling from Montreal to Amsterdam with KLM and wishing to participate in the pilot must still bring an actual passport.

Based on the information provided in the announcement, the pilot is co-funded by the European Commission and will be evaluated and authorized in real-world boarding and border circumstances for three months, after which it will likely be implemented on a larger European scale.

Commenting on this, Jacques Van Zijp, Managing Director Holland PSI for IDEMIA, stated that the firm has been active in the identification and travel industries in an effort to develop and maintain a secure and seamless travel experience despite significant security problems. According to their statement, the business is pleased to be a technology partner for the Consortium and feels that the DTC-1 trial is advancing travel by streamlining the travel process and protecting privacy, security, and worldwide interoperability.