How to Fix Solve DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET in Google Chrome {May 2019}

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and Good browsers and many people prefer Google chrome for browsing the internet. Google company keeps innovating their product to give customers some value and increase their productivity as well.

But sometimes, Google chrome also doesn’t work properly due to some wrong configurations. Most popular reason that Chrome gives to them is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET that’s why I came here to give you guys how to solve or fix that specific error or problem. Many times you have seen that your internet is running perfectly and your wifi is perfect then why this error comes?

Just simple as that because the firewall or network configurations are not configured properly. You can fix this problem in any windows like 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. All you have to do is just follow below possible solutions to get rid of this error from your Google Chrome.

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Method 1: Command Prompt Method to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET

As you already know that command prompt is one of the best command tools when it comes to solving issues. If you know how to handle this command software then you can do almost anything on your computer.

Open your Command Prompt you can get the command prompt from a menu. Or you can press Win key + R as it will open Run after that type cmd and hit enter. It will open your command prompt fast.

Type these commands there:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew



netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

After all, those commands, restart your computer it should solve your issue. If it doesn’t solve your issue then you can head over to next Method.

Method 2: Change TCP/Ipv4 Proxy to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET

With the help of TCP or IPv4 connectivity settings, you can easily solve this issue.

  1. Now Go to your Network Connections by Right clicking on start Menu Logo.
  2. As you already know your Active Internet Connection so right click on your Main Active Network after that Click on properties.
  3. There you will get Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then click on properties.
  4. You will have to add Custom DNS server

Preferred DSN Server:

Alternate DNS Server: use-google-dns-server-to-fix-dns_probe_finished_no_internet-

  1. Now just hit on

You have solved your problem by using this method.

Method 3: Update Driver Software to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET

If all of above method doesn’t work for you then there is something to update. Because I think your driver is not updated to the latest version that’s why it is causing to not run your internet.

  1. Open your Run by pressing Windows key + R and type there devmgmt.msc and then hit the enter button. After that, it will open Device Manager.
  2. Then find out Network Adapters and expand it.
  3. Select your Working network adapter and Click on Update Driver Software.
  4. Now click on Browse my computer for driver software
  5. After that click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  6. Then you will have to select your compatible network for your hardware and then click Next.
  7. After the successfully updated driver, that problem will be solved.

Now you have solved your problem by above methods if your internet is not working then this error will continue to show because your internet is not working. If you found this useful then you can share it with your friends, comment below if you are facing any problem.

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