Google Meet now saves data on mobile calls 2023

Since Google incorporated Duo into the service, Google Meet has become an indispensable communication tool for all Google services users.

Google routinely invests in much-needed enhancements, and the most recent will help you conserve valuable data when making video calls on the go. You can disable the video feeds of individual participants on your computer or convert to an audio-only mode on your preferred phone.

Soon, you’ll be able to mute your coworkers’ video chats.

Google announced in a blog post that the new option will reside in the computer’s people directory. Here, “Don’t watch” will be added to the right-click menu for specific participants. If you select this option, neither the individual in question nor any other participants will be informed.

A comparable feature is being rolled out to Google Meet on mobile devices. Google explains that when you join a meeting from your mobile device, you can choose the “Audio only” option, which disables all video inputs except for tiles that are presenting content, such as a screen share or slideshow.

This is especially beneficial at the end of the month when you need to conserve data or when you’re in an area with poor cellular connectivity and still want to listen.

Previously, you could only transition to a data-saving mode by turning off your phone’s screen during a call or by minimizing the Meet application. On laptops, you had even less control over the video feed from others, as you were unable to prevent streaming unless Google Meet itself determined that you were in a low-bandwidth environment, in which case the service would automatically disable video feeds to maintain a more stable connection.

According to Google, the update is being rolled out incrementally, so it may take up to two weeks for the option to be accessible to everyone.