Securitas Launches Securitas is a brand of technology 2023

After the completion of the company’s acquisition of STANLEY Security in July 2022, Securitas has introduced a new brand in the electronic security services market under the name Securitas Technologies. STANLEY Security, which was acquired by Securitas from Stanley Black & Decker in the summer of 2018 for a reported price of $3.2 billion, and the electronic security operations section of Securitas have been combined under the new name.

Over 13,000 individuals are currently employed by the recently established Securitas Technologies across the world, with 5,100 of them persons working as field technicians. There are around 500 coworkers residing in the UK. The company offers individualized solutions for design, installation, monitoring, and analytics in the areas of video surveillance, access control, intrusion protection, and integrated security systems.

We are excited to debut Securitas Technologies and show customers our incredible security partner value.

Reuters claimed that at the time of the purchase of STANLEY Security, Securitas was trying to minimize its dependency on guarding services and grow its market position in the electronic security services industry. This was one of the motivations for the acquisition of STANLEY Security.

Tony Byerly, the global president of Securitas Technology, expressed his excitement over the company’s formal debut, saying, “We are happy to officially launch Securitas Technology and share with customers the amazing value we provide as a security partner.” “

As a worldwide supplier, we are distinguished by three key advantages: our people, our technology, and our knowledge. I am really proud of the organization that we are constructing together, as well as the extensive history and in-depth industry experience that contribute to our position as a global leader.

Vincent Poty, the UK Commercial Leader, explains that with Securitas Technologies, “we are developing something distinct and unique in the field of electronic security.” It expresses our sense of service, competence in technology, and capacity for innovation, all of which, when combined, will help our customers in a world that is always evolving.