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In consequence of depression within the sixties the ranks had been thinned sadly, a number of of the best gamers having decided to depart for different climes in search of employment. Included within the list of energetic members was the late Mr. T. T. Doolan, considered one of its most energetic and devoted adherents. He had been related with the band for a long time and wished to see it surmount the troubles and difficulties that appeared earlier than it. Messrs. Charles Galvin, Joseph Galvin, John McKenzie, and W. Day, three of whom had been members of the original band, and Mr. A. J. Day, another enthusiast, were in the same mind set,

“Kiss me fast and go,” was well sung by Germone, and is, in our opinion, decidedly the best comic music of their programme. In the second part the leisure was kept up by quite a few variations. The ballads “Ever of Thee,” by Germone; “Do they miss me at Home,” by Porter, and the duet of “Starboard Watch,” by Porter and Germone, being amongst one of the best launched.

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There was a tolerably good attendance . Mr. Lillywhite acted as conductor, and Mr. Chapman as leader. Herr Kunze presided at the piano, and Mr. Light at the harmonium.

MR. GALE begs to inform the public generally of Adelaide and its Environs that he does not (as advertised) act as Chairman at Mr. E. Martin’s, Black Horse, Leigh-street, but at Mr. Faulkner’s, Wellington Inn, in the identical street. EVENING CONCERTS, EVENING CONCERTS. AT THE WELLINGTON INN, CURRIE AND LEIGH-STREETS. MR. FAULKNER begs to name the eye of his associates and the common public that he has commenced an Evening Concert in the Large Room of the above Inn. Mr. Gale shall be in the Chair.

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within the Opera of “THE ENCHANTRESS,” and nightly encored. Moffitt, Pitt-street; and on the Music Shops. To Parties Furnishing, Dealers, and others. H. VAUGHAN has received instructions from Mr. John Gibbs to sell by

and the “Heather bloom,” which produced an unanimous encore. This gentleman has a fine voice – versatile and delightful in high quality of tone, however somewhat poor in power. We have little doubt age and practice will do a lot to remedy this deficiency . – On the 16th February, at Charles street, Norwood, William Galbraith, aged 89. – On the tenth November, at Charles-street, Norwood, Janet,

Sydneyites of 40 years in the past will remember Mr. Gibbs conducting at the Victoria Theatre. In her youthful days his wife was a capable and helpful actress . JUST PUBLISHED, the favourite ballad “I LOVE HER,” as sung by Mr. John Howson, in the above opera, composed by M.

Of course they don’t read so nicely as they sounded within the mouth of the writer; nonetheless they are intelligent, and many of the hits are price remembering. The writer is Mr. Egremont-Gee, of Rundle-street. GATLAND On the twenty sixth April at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. A. A. Pratt, “Viewforth,” Whitehall-street, Footscray, Thomas Gatland, late of St. James’s Cathedral, West Melbourne, aged 79 years. For a few years a member of Melbourne Deutsche Liedertafel, also Philharmonic Society, Melbourne.

DEMISEMIQUAVER. The (Queen’s Own) band will play the next alternatives of music in the Domain, this afternoon, at four o’clock (weather permitting). March, “Rifle Volunteers,” Gassner, 2. Overture, “The Exiled,” Gassner; 3. Selection, “Linda di Chamounix,” Donizetti; 4.

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George Reuben Millar, farmer, of the Hermitage, to Elizabeth Jane Gibbs, eldest daughter of Mr. J. G. Gibbs, Rundle-street, Adelaide. The specimens of plain and fancy needlework executed by the girls Isabella MELODIA gave pleasing proofs that Miss Gibbs, the schoolmistress, has rightly estimated the significance of uniting the helpful with the decorative.

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Originally entitled The Song of the Australian settler, it was considered one of several Australian songs written by Stephen Glover and lyricist Charles Jefferys for Henry Smith’s