Seattle Bank and LoanStar Technologies develop embedded lending solution 2023

Embedded lending is a sort of financial services that allows businesses to provide their consumers credit or loans inside the context of a transaction.

The relationship is made feasible by the open-API technological stack of Seattle Bank, whose application programming interface is made available to all software developers.

Finastra, a worldwide financial software and markets company, will join both firms.

With Finastra’s FusionFabric cloud open developer, Seattle Bank is able to link with LoanStar and provide clients with immediate access to loans via LoanStar’s merchants. FusionFabric will aid in allowing real-time underwriting and loan processing. read more

3D Printing Makes It Easier to Implant and Fix Electronic Devices

Lancaster University researchers have devised a way to 3D-print flexible electronics using a conducting polymer and directly print electrical structures on or in live creatures. The researchers hope their additive manufacturing approach can create patient-specific implants for real-time health monitoring and medicinal treatments like treating epilepsy or pain.

Light-transmitting 3D printing generated well-resolved, conductive, micrometer-scale features.

The researchers employed polypyrrole and an erbium-doped fiber laser at 100 MHz and 780 nm. They used multiphoton manufacturing to construct 3D objects with embedded electronics after screening ink components for cytocompatibility in silico.. read more

The success rate of digital transformation is estimated to be 15%. Panasonic Connect 2023

Panasonic Connect Europe survey reveals 15% of firms have completed their digital transformation and that a shortage of experienced IT professionals is a major hindrance.
New data finds that 15% of companies who start digital transformation projects finish them.

Panasonic Connect Europe’s “Breaking Down the Barriers to Digital Transformation” study. Panasonic Connect makes rugged mobile tools, digital content systems, restaurant technology, and industrial equipment.

According to its analysis, European company leaders realize that technology and digital transformation are the key to productivity. read more

Jeremy Hunt’s green technology strategy pokes Joe Biden 2023

Climate protesters call Rishi Sunak’s government’s carbon capture and offshore wind plans “half-baked” and “dangerous uninspired.”

The first move in reaction to the US’ multibillion-dollar investment in green technology was announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt with a jab at Joe Biden.

The US president’s £348bn green technology tax credits and subsidies prepare the economy for climate change.

In The Times, Mr. Hunt accused Mr. Biden of leading a “distortive” global subsidy race, suggesting that “not subsidy but security” was the long-term solution to protectionism. read more

Innovative Technology Transforming India 2023

Innovative technology addressing population-scale problems are accelerating India’s digital revolution. The tech ecosystem is transforming the country, not just tech companies.

Santhosh Viswanathan, Managing Director & Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Communications Group of Intel India, spoke to Indiatimes on how technology are tackling local issues and India’s digital revolution.

India’s digitization

Viswanathan said India is on the verge of fast digital change. To make India genuinely digital, the government, industry, and academics are collaborating. Tech solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and Intel’s Xeon processors made India’s vaccination platform CoWin, which “at its peak scaled to more than 3.2 billion accesses a day,” possible. read more

Microsoft and Google Outperform Apple and Amazon in Generative AI 2023

With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence, several technology investors are focusing on the progress made by Google’s parent company Alphabet (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) with ChatGPT. So where do (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL), the creators of voice assistants Alexa and Siri that predicted ChatGPT, now stand in generative artificial intelligence?

According to industry observers, Amazon and Apple have fallen behind in the AI race. Amazon is pleased to deploy AI technology in its cloud-computing business, having withdrawn from selling smart home gadgets. read more

WiMi Hologram Cloud Creates Interactive Holographic 3D Visualization Technology for Intelligent Interaction 2023

The creation of an interactive holographic 3D visualization system has been disclosed by a global leader in Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technologies. The interactive holographic 3D visualization system is an application system that integrates numerous advanced technologies and means, including digital twin networks, multimedia integration technologies, and human-computer interaction.

This integrated system may provide realistic information presentation and interaction and bridge the natural and virtual worlds.

WiMi employs 3D visualization technology to generate identical visual interaction scenes in the virtual environment as the physical model. The intuitive visualization display of the system enables users to comprehend the site from multiple levels and perspectives. read more

Securitas Launches Securitas is a brand of technology 2023

After the completion of the company’s acquisition of STANLEY Security in July 2022, Securitas has introduced a new brand in the electronic security services market under the name Securitas Technologies. STANLEY Security, which was acquired by Securitas from Stanley Black & Decker in the summer of 2018 for a reported price of $3.2 billion, and the electronic security operations section of Securitas have been combined under the new name.

Over 13,000 individuals are currently employed by the recently established Securitas Technologies across the world, with 5,100 of them persons working as field technicians. There are around 500 coworkers residing in the UK. The company offers individualized solutions for design, installation, monitoring, and analytics in the areas of video surveillance, access control, intrusion protection, and integrated security systems. read more

How Can Creative Technology Create Memory Structures and Long-Term Brands? 2023

Technology in our industry is taxing. With continual and quick breakthroughs in AI and an unknown future for mixed reality, marketers often embark on tech trends that are either fleeting or irrelevant to their consumers to stay up. I still love tech. As I write this, I see the Meta team testing the new Quest Pro and creative teams using Midjourney to create gorgeous reference photos.

Technology is disrupting our industry. New technology helps us build lasting client relationships by offering new experiences and value.

After seeing “Les Binet,” the godfather of effectiveness, talk at SXSW this year, I was encouraged to consider experiential technology’s role in long-term brand growth. Successful brands grow slowly and methodically, as Les’s thesis shows. How can we ensure that our great, often consumer-centric technological activations complement our brands as they transform people’s thoughts and feelings? read more

According to Intuit QuickBooks Study, 90% of accountants expect technology to grow their firms in 2023

TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, a worldwide financial technology platform, released fresh statistics showing how accountants are using technology and AI to expand their businesses and better serve their clients.
The Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Technology Study, which polled 2,000 U.S. accountants, also examines how organizations are reacting to the talent pipeline reduction while remaining optimistic about the profession.

“As our most valued partners, we wanted to dig deeper into what macro trends are impacting accountants so we can continue to focus on further developing the technology they need most to grow the business,” said Jeremy Sulzmann, Vice President, Intuit QuickBooks Partners Segment. 43% of accountants serve more than 40 clients. read more