Weighted Blanket May Be Ordered Online In India

Weighted blankets are often troublesome to wash because of their dimension and weight. Many blankets are bought with a machine wash cover. The blanket’s weight may exceed the maximum load allowed by a washing machine and may at all times be checked upfront. A delicate wash in cold water preserves the padding material’s properties and prevents damage to the weighted pellets/beads. Depending on how the owner makes use of the blanket, how often to clean it varies.

It took much less time to dry because it was much less heavy and wet going from washing machine to dryer. The new Nuzzie blanket was heavy and unwieldy once we tried it out. We ordered the 20 pound queen blanket in sky blue, which covered each tester who tried it, wanting like a scene from a Dr. Suess book. The Nuzzie blanket was nearly inconceivable to hold from the washer to the dryer as it held 9 pounds of water and took almost three full cycles in the dryer. If you do not like the Nuzzie blanket, you can return it within 30 days for a refund, however you must pay a $20 processing charge. read more