Cancer: What is it?

Cancer is a broad category of illnesses that all have the characteristic of developing from normal cells into malignant cells that proliferate and spread.

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In the United States, cancer is the second most prevalent cause of death. However, compared to 20 years ago, fewer individuals are dying from cancer. Cancer is being cured and cancer patients are living longer because to early detection and cutting-edge therapies. In an effort to help prevent cancer in humans, medical experts are also uncovering independent risk factors associated with the disease.

What distinguishes a malignant cell from a normal cell?

Normally, genes transmit instructions to cells. Cells must abide by the regulations that genes specify, such as when to halt and resume growth. Cancerous cells disobey the guidelines that healthy cells adhere to:

Normal cells undergo regulated division and multiplication. The growth of cancerous cells is uncontrollable.

Apoptotic death is ingrained in normal cells. These directives are ignored by cancerous cells.

Normal solid organ cells remain in place. Every malignant cell has the ability to migrate.

Cancerous cells proliferate more quickly than normal cells do.

How does your body become cancerous?

When one or more genes change and produce malignant cells, cancer begins. Tumors, or cancer clusters, are produced by these cells. Cancerous cells have the ability to separate from tumors and spread throughout your body through the lymphatic or circulatory systems. (Medical professionals refer to this as metastasis.)

For instance, you could find it difficult to breathe if a tumor in your breast spreads to your lungs. Uncontrollably multiplying abnormal blood cells are produced by bone marrow cells in certain kinds of blood cancer. Normal blood cells are eventually displaced by the aberrant cells.

How widespread is cancer?

One in two males and those classified as male at birth (AMAB) and one in three women and those classified as female at birth (AFAB) may acquire cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. In the United States, 16.9 million individuals had cancer as of 2019. In the US, the following cancers are the most prevalent:

Breast cancer: The most prevalent kind of cancer is breast cancer. It primarily affects AFAB individuals and women. But men and women AMAB account for roughly 1% of all incidences of breast cancer.

Lung cancer: The second most frequent type of cancer is lung cancer. Lung cancer comes in two varieties: small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

Prostate cancer: One in nine males and AMAB individuals have this malignancy.

Colorectal cancer: The digestive tract is affected differently by rectal and colon cancer.

Blood cancers: The most prevalent blood malignancies are lymphoma and leukemia.

Who is in the path of cancer?

Although evidence indicates that cancer cases differ based on ethnicity and sex, cancer may affect almost everyone. The 2022 Annual Report on Cancer states that the illness:

impacts men and persons AMAB somewhat more than it does women and people AFAB.

more Black males (AMAB) are affected than members of other racial groupings.

affects more American Indian and Alaskan native women (AFAB) than those in other racial categories.

Cancer may strike anyone at any age, although it usually strikes those over 60.

What symptoms are present in cancer?

Cancer is an intricate illness. Cancer can exist for years without showing any signs. In other cases, cancer may present with observable symptoms that rapidly worsen. Numerous signs of cancer mimic those of other, less dangerous diseases. Certain symptoms are not indicative of malignancy. If there is a change in your body that lasts longer than two weeks, you should generally consult a healthcare practitioner.

What leads to cancer?

Cancer is a hereditary illness. It occurs when genes that control cell activity change, producing aberrant cells that proliferate and divide until they finally interfere with normal bodily functions.

It is estimated by medical experts that hereditary genetic alterations that are uncontrollable account for 5% to 12% of all cancer cases.

Cancer most often results from an acquired genetic mutation. You accumulate acquired genetic mutations during your lifetime. Numerous risk factors that raise your chances of acquiring cancer have been found by medical experts.

Controllable risk factors for cancer

Smoking: The risk of lung, pancreatic, esophageal, and oral cancers is increased by smoking cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes.

Diet: Consuming meals heavy in fat or sugar raises your chance of developing several cancer kinds. Not getting enough exercise also increases your risk of illness.

Environment: Cancer can develop as a result of exposure to environmental pollutants such radon, insecticides, and asbestos.

Exposure to radiation: The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation greatly raises your chance of getting skin cancer. Another potential danger factor is receiving radiation therapy in excess.

Hormone replacement therapy: Individuals who are AFAB and women may be more susceptible to endometrial and breast cancers.

What is kidney cancer? An expert explains

Cancer that starts in the kidneys is known as kidney cancer. The two bean-shaped organs that make up your kidneys are each around the size of your fist. There is one kidney on each side of your spine, and they are situated below your abdominal organs.

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Renal cell carcinoma is the most prevalent kind of kidney cancer in adults. There may be other, less frequent forms of kidney cancer. Wilms’ tumor, a form of kidney cancer, is more common in young children.

Kidney cancer appears to be becoming more common. The increased use of imaging methods like computed tomography (CT) scans might be one explanation for this. It’s possible that these tests will unintentionally reveal more kidney cancer cases. When kidney cancer is tiny and limited to the kidney, it is frequently detected in its early stages.


In its early stages, kidney cancer typically exhibits no symptoms or indicators. Over time, the following symptoms and indicators might appear:

Blood in your pee, which might have a cola, pink, or red tint

You have persistent back or side pain.

appetite decline

Unexpected weight reduction


High temperature

When to visit a physician

If you are concerned about any persistent signs or symptoms, schedule an appointment with your doctor.


The majority of kidney malignancies have unclear etiology.

Physicians are aware that certain kidney cells have genetic alterations, or mutations, which lead to kidney cancer. The instructions that inform a cell what to do are encoded in its DNA. The alterations instruct the cells to proliferate and develop quickly. The aberrant cells build up to develop a tumor that may spread outside of the kidney. Certain cells have the ability to split off and travel (metastasize) to other areas of the body.

Risk elements

The following are some factors that may raise your risk of kidney cancer:

older years. As you become older, your chance of kidney cancer rises.

smoking. Renal cancer is more common among smokers than in nonsmokers. The risk goes down as you stop.

Being overweight. Obese individuals are more likely to get kidney cancer than those who are deemed to be of a healthy weight.

elevated blood pressure, or hypertension. Kidney cancer risk is increased by high blood pressure.

therapy for renal impairment. Renal cancer is more common in patients receiving long-term dialysis for chronic kidney failure.

certain hereditary syndromes. Individuals with von Hippel-Lindau disease, Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome, tuberous sclerosis complex, hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma, or familial renal cancer may be at higher risk of developing kidney cancer from birth.

Kidney cancer in the family history. If there is a close family history of kidney cancer, the chance of developing the illness is increased.


Making healthy changes to your lifestyle may help lower your risk of kidney cancer. To lower your risk, attempt to:

Give up smoking. Give up smoking if you do. There are several ways to stop smoking, such as prescription drugs, support groups, and nicotine replacement therapies. Inform your doctor that you wish to stop, and you two may talk through your choices.

Sustain a healthy weight. Make an effort to keep a healthy weight. If you are fat or overweight, cut back on your daily caloric intake and make an effort to exercise most days of the week. Consult your physician about other healthy weight-loss techniques.

Reduce elevated blood pressure. During your next visit, request that your doctor take your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is above, you can talk about ways to bring it down. Lifestyle modifications including exercise, dieting, and weight loss can be beneficial. To reduce their blood pressure, some patients might need to take additional drugs. Talk to your doctor about your choices.

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