A Board on Board fence: what is it? Examine your alternatives for board-on-board fence.

A privacy fence with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets is called a board-on-board fence. This type of fence is sometimes known as a “board and batten fence.” The spaces created between the boards by wood shrinkage are hidden by this kind of fence. Pickets are arranged in a first layer using 6″ wide boards spaced 1 ½” apart. Installed to cover the gaps and overlap the previous layer, the second layer is made up of 4″ broad boards.

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Board-on-board fences: benefits and drawbacks


The primary benefit of a board-to-board fence above other wood privacy fences is true privacy. Wood shrinkage results in spaces between pickets in a standard stockade privacy fence, which will impede privacy. Because the pickets on a board-to-board fence overlap, there will never be any obvious gaps.

The overlapping boards’ texture adds even more visual appeal.


Because the boards overlap by 1 to 1 1/2 inches, a board-on-board fence will cost more. A board-on-board fence requires up to 30% more pickets than a stockade type fence. To cover the extra pickets, you will need more supplies if you intend to finish your fence. In order to conceal the overlapping edges during installation, the vertical boards must be completed.

Various Board-on-Board Fence Types


The majority of board on board fences are made of wood. Cedar fence panels used to make board-on-board fences are among the most well-liked and eye-catching designs for privacy fencing. Pressure treated timber is still the most commonly used substitute for cedar fence because of its natural color, strength, and accessibility.


If you want a board-on-board privacy fence but want to be sure it will survive, vinyl is an alternative.

Vinyl is far less maintenance-intensive and offers more longevity. Variations in moisture or temperature won’t cause a vinyl board-on-board fence to decay or break. Additionally, insects dislike the taste of vinyl.

When vinyl fence begins to show signs of filth, it may be cleaned with ordinary soap and water. There won’t be a need for costly or time-consuming refinishing.


Composite fence panels used to make board-on-board fences provide a visually appealing substitute for vinyl and wood. The construction of composite fencing will involve the use of fence planks coated in a recycled plastic cap and filled with recycled sawdust. Additionally, because of the material’s density, the composite fence will be stronger.

Many deck board manufacturers, including Trex, Fiberon, and Timbertech, now provide composite fence panels, which can be composite pickets and rails.

Top-cap board on board fences

A top cap and trim will be applied to the top of almost all board-on-board fences.

A horizontal board placed flat on the top edge of the fence serves as the top cap. The top cap on wood fence prevents moisture from getting to the picket ends that are exposed. Water is more readily absorbed by the pickets’ ends than by their surface.

The side trimmings are fastened to the fence’s vertical surface just behind the top cap. One or both of the fence’s sides may have side trimmings.

With a lattice fence topper, you may increase the visual attraction even more. A slender lattice piece is fastened to the top of the fence.

Panels for a Board-on-Board fence

Fence panels for pre-built wood and vinyl board-on-board fences are available. These fence panels are prepared for installation and will measure six feet in length. An inventory of board-on-board fence panels should be available from your neighborhood large box retailer, such Home Depot.

Board on Board Horizontal Fence

The pickets of a horizontal board-on-board fence are fixed to the posts horizontally. Due to its sleek, contemporary appearance, wood fences with horizontal planks are becoming more and more popular.

Side by Side vs Board on Board fencing

Pickets on board-on-board fences overlap, but pickets on side-by-side fences are arranged edge-to-edge. One type of side-by-side fence is a stockade fence. A board-on-board overlapping fence, as previously mentioned, will never have a gap, however pickets put in a stockade type fence may eventually decrease.

Shadow box fencing against board-on-board fencing

The horizontal rail of a board-on-board fence has overlapping pickets mounted on the same side. A shadowbox fence has pickets on both sides of the fence rail in alternate positions. Although a board-on-board fence would never have gaps, the design of a shadow box includes gaps.

Is the cost of a board-on-board fence higher?

A board-on-board fence will cost more per linear foot due to the pickets’ overlap, as was previously indicated. You must determine how many additional pickets your fence will require.

How long is the lifespan of a board-on-board fence?

The materials you choose will determine how long a board-on-board fence lasts.

Is a privacy fence made of board on board fencing?

Indeed, one of the few fully private fences is a board-on-board fence. Since the wood overlaps, there are no gaps when it ages. Using tongue and groove fence panels or fencing is your only alternative option for keeping gaps closed over time.

How can a kickboard be added to a board-on-board fence?

For additional structural support, a kickboard is inserted at the bottom of the board-on-board fence. The kickboard is fastened to the lower rail by screws or nails.

In summary

Board-on-board fences are a common sight because of their attractive design and visual attractiveness. Before making a final choice, always think about what best fits your demands and budget while choosing between several styles!

The Importance Of Heavy Machinery Safety In Construction Websites

Workers can stay secure by understanding how the guards work and knowing how to verify they’re working as anticipated. Employees also wants to notify supervisors in the event that they discover that a piece of equipment doesn’t have guards but ought to. Machine guards cover probably dangerous elements of a machine to defend employees from the parts that pose elevated risks to them. However, some staff discover the guarding interferes with the machine’s functionality and take away it. Alternatively, they might not know the means to verify that the guards are current on the gear before working with it. Always put on proper private protective tools (PPE) corresponding to gloves, safety glasses, sturdy boots and onerous hats.

heavy machinery articles

Read our articles to study heavy equipment operations, get insights into jobs and salaries, and pay attention to recommendation from those who’ve gone through training. Connected machines are sending tons of knowledge that can be used for actionable predictions. For instance, figuring out a machine will break down enables corporations to take them offline for maintenance before a jobsite is unexpectedly thrown to a halt.

As technology continues to evolve and advance, heavy equipment can also be changing to turn into more efficient, safer, and environmentally pleasant. One instance of the influence of IoT on heavy equipment administration is within the mining business, the place IoT expertise has been used to enhance security and productiveness. IoT devices can heavy machinery be installed on mining gear to watch their location and utilization, in addition to to observe environmental conditions, corresponding to air quality and temperature. This information can then be used to optimize gear deployment and minimize the chance of accidents. Another key benefit of IoT in heavy tools management is predictive upkeep.

Case Research Successful Development Projects Leveraging Heavy Machinery

Because of its wheel, this gear is ready to dig trenches at variable depths. Chain trenchers are used when the ground is simply too exhausting for an excavator to chop via it. Motor Graders are earth-moving gear and may additionally be used to remove snow or dust from the roads, flatten the floor of the soil before laying asphalt, or remove the pointless soil layer from the ground. The bucket can be also replaced with other pieces of apparatus like an auger, grappler, or hammer. The rollover protection system put in on the tools is meant to maintain you protected in such an event.

Tips For Basic Preventive Maintenance For Compact Monitor Loaders

This shift is especially important for manufacturers of traditional inner combustion engine (ICE) components, who are experiencing vital disruption as electric automobiles turn out to be extra mainstream. The development in path of battery-powered building equipment is on track to accelerate in the coming years as governments worldwide enforce emission regulations and promote the usage of clear power. CONNECTED MACHINES Telematics and the Internet of Things are changing jobsites that construct skyscrapers, energy plants, mines and more. In many ways, building tools manufacturers are starting to mirror Silicon Valley tech corporations — advancing in telematics, autonomous machinery and electromobility — to call a quantity of. More than ever, strategic partnerships among gear makers and gear customers are driving this alteration.

Chinese and different Asian producers have set their sights on the North American marketplace for over a decade, however experienced vital barriers to entry. Those which are in a place to provide gear shortly are discovering that North American consumers are extra willing to assume about alternative manufacturers in order to fulfill their tools needs. Those which have tried these merchandise indicate that they’re glad with the preliminary quality.

Gear Operator Training

This can embrace removing fallen trees and other massive objects, as nicely as clearing streets and highways of damaged buildings and autos. Natural disasters similar to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires can have devastating results on communities and their infrastructure. In the aftermath of such occasions, heavy tools plays an important function in catastrophe relief and restoration operations. These machines help to clear debris, repair roads and buildings, and restore basic infrastructure, corresponding to energy and water supplies. In this article, we will explore the position of heavy equipment in catastrophe reduction and restoration operations. Until the nineteenth century and into the early 20th century heavy machines were drawn under human or animal energy.

With this new power source, tools might now be designed to be more compact and cellular, making it simpler to move and use on job sites. This interval also noticed the introduction of bulldozers, cranes, and different machines that may turn out to be essential for large-scale development projects. To operate heavy gear, operators must have the required training and certification.

For example, rubbish trucks that swap to electrical can work during the night because there is no noise. Learn more about our plans to launch Volvo electric excavators and electrical wheel loaders. The international heavy construction tools market is witnessing first rate development primarily based on heavy investments accomplished within the infrastructure recreation to accommodate smart residential and industrial buildings. The growing markets in Asia-Pacific are witnessing a strong demand for heavy development tools; subsequently, massive investments are made in these regions. Rollovers, struck by accidents and caught in or between accidents are frequent methods staff can be injured when working on or close to heavy tools.

Among the myriad of heavy equipment obtainable, one piece of equipment stands out as the most versatile and invaluable. This multifaceted marvel has revolutionized industries and continues to be the spine of numerous projects throughout the globe. Let’s discover what this exceptional piece of heavy equipment is and why it holds such a vital place in various fields. In conclusion, heavy equipment plays an essential role in disaster relief and restoration operations. From clearing particles to repairing infrastructure and restoring important providers, these machines are critical to getting communities again on their feet after a natural disaster.

Heavy equipment has undeniably reworked the construction industry, making projects extra environment friendly, secure, and correct. The journey from blueprints to reality has been powered by remarkable inventions and improvements, revolutionizing the greatest way we construct the world round us. As technology continues to advance, we are ready to solely imagine the endless possibilities that lie ahead for heavy equipment in development. Selecting the best heavy tools operator is a important determination that can considerably influence the success of your project.

There Are Options And Prospecting In The Extracts Of The Bark

Inflammation is thought to be concerned in the systemic and native immune response. The purpose of the examine was to evaluate the effect of extracts of tenuiflora. The model of envenomation in mice is brought on by venom. The cell migration to the peritoneal cavity was suppressed by Tenuiflora.

Mimosa tenuiflora

It is used in non secular ceremonies as nicely as in traditional medicine. In Brazil, bark and roots are used to make a drink that is utilized in spiritual ceremonies. There may be a burning and tingling sensation or skin irritation.

The Properties Of The Glues

These reactions could enhance the yield and the general high quality of the extract to regulate it to be used in sure purposes, like glues for wood products. The inflammatory reaction that was attributable to the injection of VTs was revealed by high ranges of IL 1, IL 6 and IL 12. The groups have been handled with extract and fractions from M.

Find Out About The Benefits Of Mimosa Tenuiflora

After 6 h, the animals have been anesthetized with ketamine/xylazine and sacrificed by peritoneal exudates. The complete cell numbers have been determined in a Neubauer chamber after the exudates werecentrifugationd at 250 g for 10 minutes. The supernatants have been collected for the purpose of figuring out the degrees of IL 6 and IL 12.

The animals that received VTs have been in a place to cause an inflammatory response, which was revealed by high ranges of IL 1, IL 6 and IL 12 and elevated cell migration to the peritoneal cavity. The teams that had been handled with fractions showed a reduction in ranges of IL 6, IL 12 and IL 1. It is important to determine the chemical composition of M. Tenuiflora extract might have anti-inflammatory mechanisms. There is a critical public health downside with scorpion bite in certain areas of Brazil in addition to in other parts of the world.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the fruit is ripening from February to April. The CNPq and CAPES have been thanked by the authors for their financial assist of the research. Andrew Cumming was thanked by the authors for modifying the paper. The bark was collected within the rural region of “Queimadas Mountain” in April 2011. The tenuiflora has been deposited in the herbarium.

There is a tree often recognized as jurema preta in Brazil. The plant could be present in areas of tropical deciduous forests within the Americas, from the southeastern regions of Mexico to northern Brazil and Venezuela. The bark of this plant is said to be an effective treatment for treating pores and skin burns and wounds and stopping inflammation. There was slightly transformation of the crude extract and a significant loss in the course of the processing, which was mainly because of the formation of extra inflexible parts.

It’s greatest to avoid use in case you have any well being conditions, are taking treatment, or are pregnant. There are anecdotal reviews that counsel tepezcohuite could enhance wound therapeutic. There isn’t much proof to support its use for other pores and skin points. It is feasible that tepezcohuite has helpful results on other pores and skin situations as nicely, provided that it is high in a quantity of substances that assist pores and skin healing and rejuvenation. There is a hallucinogenic compound discovered in the dried root bark. In Northeastern Brazil, the bark of the roots and tree can be utilized to make a drink called yurema.

It is principally used to treat indicators of pores and skin aging, in addition to skin wounds, ulcers and burns. The geographic coordinates of the Fazenda Experimental do Ncleo de Pesquisas do Semirido is S and 37. During the summer, a random sampling of brazilian mimosa hostilis root bark ten trees and shrubs was carried out. After the barks were removed, air dried in the shade. They were fragmented in a hammer mill with a one hundred fifty mesh display screen.

The outcomes offered in Figure 2 show a marked improve in the peritoneal cell migration when VTs are used. The highest amount of cells was seen at 6 h. This time was chosen for neutralization because of the antivenom activity of M. The indicators of scorpion envenomation are related to the venom parts. The manufacturing of pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines in response to tissue harm is important to repair tissue structure and function, however excessive technology of pro inflammatory cytokines could cause tissue damage. Patients with totally different grades of T have had increased ranges of IL 6 of their blood.

An animal mannequin of peritonitis was used to evaluate the envenomation caused by VTs. There was a major enhance in cell migration after the VTs were injected. The strongest effect was obtained with a dose of zero.8. The challenge dose was chosen for the analysis of the antivenom exercise. Tenuiflora extract was used to gauge the effect of three completely different doses of T. serrulatus. The venom’s peritoneal cell migration was evaluated after deciding on the dose.