Why golf carts are the way of the future for transportation.

When one hears the term “the future of transportation,” images of flying taxis, self-driving automobiles, and hyperloops often come to mind. However, what if the golf cart takes center stage in the upcoming chapter on urban mobility?

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It’s not even remotely insane. Harvard Business School researchers looked at whether Tesla, the shining example of automobile innovation, provided a very disruptive transportation paradigm in 2015. They came to the conclusion that a “souped-up golf cart” had more transformational potential than a Tesla. In fact, these stumbling automobiles—which are often connected to luxury and leisure—might provide the route toward accessible, reasonably priced, and enjoyable journeys for the general public.

Here are some fundamentals in case your closest encounter with a golf cart involves Rodney Dangerfield practicing his swing. Electric or gas-powered carts are available, and their average price is around $10,000, give or take a few thousand. They are substantially lighter and slower than a vehicle, weighing between 500 and 1,100 pounds and reaching speeds of less than 20 mph. Sun protection is provided by the roof, and in the event of rain, users may remain dry with the optional plastic enclosure.

Peachtree City, a suburb of Atlanta, is an example of the transformational potential of golf carts. Currently home to over 38,000 people, Peachtree City was established in 1959 as a network of communities connected by both conventional roadways and walkways. Once the city cemented the walkways to have a 10-foot width, many more residents joined the handful who had started using golf carts to go between communities. These multiuse routes are off-limits to automobiles, however golf cart users are welcome, as are pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders. Peachtree City now has a network of around 100 miles of walkways that connect various neighborhoods and attractions, including tunnels beneath streets and roadways.

With almost 13,000 residences, Peachtree City Mayor Kim Learnard reports that the municipality now has over 10,000 registered golf carts. Although the state does not regulate golf carts, anybody 16 years of age or older is allowed to operate one, even without a driver’s license (children between the ages of 12 and 15 may operate one with an adult present). Although the city encourages it, insurance is not required.

The golf cart now forms an integral part of Peachtree municipal’s character, to the extent that it appears on the official municipal emblem. Learnard informed me, “We got rid of the golf clubs we had in our cart four years ago.” “We came to the conclusion that we’re more of a golf cart city than a golf city.” There are three golf courses located in Peachtree City.

Learnard stated that although most locals still drive to work, many short journeys to nearby restaurants, schools, or friends’ houses are now made in carts rather than in cars. “A fundamental aspect of the lifestyle here is the golf cart,” she remarked. “You take the family to the splash pad or park in a golf cart. Alternatively, you go out for ice cream or have a beverage with your partner. Teenagers have taken to golf carts, with many using them as a means of transportation to and from high school. Locals usually add jerry-rigged storage and upgraded radios to customize their cars. Learnard said, “It turns out you can do a lot with a couple milk crates and bungee cords.”

She enthusiastically listed the benefits of golf carts over automobiles: Residents who are unable to drive may use them to go around; local businesses can park more automobiles in their spaces because golf cart spaces are much smaller than those for cars; and the electric ones are silent and don’t emit any pollutants. She even thinks they’ve improved relations in her town. “You’re going to pull over and chat if you see your neighbor doing yard work while you’re driving your golf cart,” she said. “In a car, you’re never going to do that.”

While Peachtree City was a pioneer in the golf cart industry, other American cities have also joined this slowly gaining traction. The automobiles are an integral part of everyday life (and, reportedly, casual hookups) in the vast 55-and-over community known as The Villages in central Florida. It’s no coincidence that golf carts are a common sight in retirement communities; they provide more inexpensive, improved mobility for individuals who find it difficult to walk or drive. In addition, older people are more vulnerable to injury or death in collisions, but golf carts are less likely to injure them than vehicles.

Additionally, golf carts are common on Bald Head Island, an Outer Banks hamlet in North Carolina, which has outlawed cars, and Catalina Island, which is located 47 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Due of their relatively modest weight, golf carts are a good fit for these kinds of sensitive environmental areas. Additionally, the cars are beginning to appear in cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, and Tampa, Florida, where rental companies serve both residents and visitors.

Golf carts aren’t always a practical mode of transportation, though. Even though they are smaller than vehicles, golf carts still occupy too much space in densely populated areas like Chicago or New York City, where bicycles and public transportation are more practical options (though a recent April Fools joke about replacing all cars in Manhattan with golf carts got people really excited). Furthermore, golf carts are not the best option for a Minnesota winter, even though they perform well in warm or temperate weather.

However, golf carts may prove to be a viable form factor in many areas where population density is insufficient to warrant high-frequency transportation operations. While there aren’t many of these communities with the golf cart-friendly networks of Peachtree City or the Villages, the routes that are already in place may be modified to securely keep users apart from faster, heavier cars. Even better, since they move at similar speeds, these protected lanes may also benefit other lightweight, emerging modes like quadricycles and e-trikes. Standardized signage for so-called “neighborhood electric vehicles” has already been established in California.

Professor of urban planning at Arizona State University David King stated, “There is an enormous amount of space we can use if we repurpose street pavement for multiuse paths.”

Now could be the ideal time to reassign that street space, as communities contemplate life after the pandemic. “There will be a great deal of pressure to improve our neighborhoods if there is a shift toward working from home,” King stated. “The golf cart will not function as long as our transportation systems are designed with the commute in mind. However, while I’m at home, a golf cart may rival any other mode of transportation for travel within five miles. Although most new cars cost $48,000, homeowners may still choose to utilize golf carts as their second vehicle for short excursions around town, even if they still drive cars for long distances.

AI, fake news, and future concerns

“What no one knows is how misinformation will spread during the election season this year,” says Jency Jacob, Managing Editor of BoomLive. Investigating bogus news that circulates on the internet and social media is what Jacob and his crew do. This year, we had a discussion on the function of Big Tech businesses. Voting for the next head of state will take place across half of the world, including India. This year has been unlike any other in the history of the world’s democracies, by any measure. Jacob argues that although he and his group have long been fighting false information, the past year has seen a growth in artificial intelligence (AI), which has complicated matters and left most people unsure of what to anticipate.

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“Apart from the typical narrative disinformation that transcends party lines, the biggest obstacle this election season will be how they leverage new technology like artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies produced a large amount of copied audio during the most recent state elections, which was used to trick voters. The technology is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to identify with every day that goes by, he claims.

“We had cheap fakes in India, but not deep fakes.” Jacob uses an audio video clip that went viral in the latter part of last year to support his claims. It featured Amitabh Bachchan asking a participant in the well-known show Kaun Banega Crorepati a question in a voiceover. The response portrayed former MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as a criminal, which made the information defamatory. The footage was posted by Ritu Choudhary, a top Congress politician, albeit it remained unknown who developed it and made it public. Furthermore, the harm had already been done when it was discovered to be a phony. It had already been viewed by a couple million individuals, many of whom had fell for it.

According to Jacob, in order to detect deep fakes, his team closely collaborates with the disinformation team at Meta, which is home to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. He’s not sure, though, how much of the misinformation that the team flags is subsequently removed. “We are given to understand those pieces of content are suppressed,” Jacob explains warily.

However, based on their lack of cooperation, he feels that Google is the most annoying company to work with. The fact that their algorithms are unclear just makes matters worse. Because Google has almost complete control over the search engine business, this is very noteworthy. It is also the owner of YouTube, which users utilize to obtain video material. He claims that “they frequently don’t take down misleading content because they are worried about who they might annoy.”

However, Google rejects these claims. A representative said, “Not at all—the baseline approach to our recommendation system is built on principles that have stood the test of time,” when questioned about neglecting content filtering. Additionally, our systems change as new threats and technology arise.

He was just as reluctant to admit that, with their crew now smaller, content moderation had suffered. “Our systems are updated often, and since we operate on such a large scale, moderation always combines automatic and manual review techniques. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that labor cutbacks and the effect on accountability efforts are directly related.

Rather, he argues that YouTube has consistently enforced Community Guidelines using a mix of human and machine learning technology, with over 20,000 reviewers working remotely for Google. “In our systems, reviewers verify if material has breached policy boundaries while AI classifiers assist in the large-scale detection of potentially offensive content. Furthermore, AI is constantly improving our content filtering systems’ accuracy and speed.

What then is a reasonable expectation about the dissemination of false information? “Takedown notices could increase,” stated a senior Google employee who has since moved on and did not want to be identified. There will be more backdoor talks and pressure to suppress unfavorable news articles. Even if Google doesn’t cooperate, there will undoubtedly be pressure. Politicians refer to democracy while they are not in office. They look up to Chinese autocrats while they are in power.

Online games
Technology Used in Online Casinos: What Is Gambling’s Future?

Online casino gaming has been one of the most well-liked types of gambling in the last several years. Gamers may enjoy the comforts of home when playing their favorite casino games at online casinos. Even though it is still in its early stages, internet casinos are beginning to alter the way that people bet. The following are some ways that the gambling business is evolving as a result of online casino gaming: 1. More Practical: Being far more convenient than playing at a physical casino is one of the main benefits of playing at an online casino. Gamers may access any location with an internet connection and play their preferred casino games day or night. 2. More Accessible: Compared to traditional casino gambling, online casino gaming is far more accessible, which is another benefit. The number of individuals who live close to a real casino is far smaller than the number of people who have access to computers and the internet. 3. More Reasonably Priced: Online casino gaming also has the benefit of being often far less expensive than traditional casino gaming. Online casinos are able to provide their games at a far lower cost because there are no physical casinos to construct or maintain. A fantastic resource for finding online casinos that satisfy all of your requirements and tastes is

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How Technology in Online Casinos is Enhancing Gaming

The world of online casinos is constantly seeking for new methods to give its patrons an even better gaming experience. Online gambling technology is one area where significant advancements have been made recently. Live dealer games are one of the greatest technological advances in online casinos. These games provide webcam interactions between players and a real dealer, adding realism and immersion to the gameplay. Mobile gaming is another sector that has experienced significant advancements. Casinos have to make sure that their games are well-suited for smartphones and tablets since an increasing number of players are playing their games on these devices. This implies that wherever you are in the world, you may now have a fantastic time playing at a casino. Virtual reality gambling is, finally, one of the most fascinating advancements in online casino technology. With the use of this new technology, gamers may now engage with other players and their surroundings in a fully realistic and immersive world. It’s a fun, novel approach to play casino games, and it will only become better with time.

The Advantages of Technology in Online Casinos

Thanks to technological advancements, the online casino sector has experienced significant changes in recent years. Thanks to recent advancements in technology and software, online casinos can now provide their players with an experience that is far more realistic and engaging. The capability of this new technology to provide high-definition images and sound is one of its main advantages. As a result, gamers may now experience realistic sound effects and gorgeous graphics in their casino games. This greatly enhances the overall enjoyment and immersion of the event. Virtual reality has been made possible by online casino technology, which is another major advantage. As a result, gamers may engage with other players and their surroundings in a remarkably lifelike 3D environment. This adds to the overall realistic and thrilling experience. Ultimately, a far greater selection of games than ever before may be found at online casinos. Thousands of different casino games are now playable online thanks to recent technological improvements. This implies that regardless of your preference for table games, slots, or anything else, there is something for everyone.

Which additional cutting-edge technology are online casinos developing or using?

Online casinos are using and developing a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as: – Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which overlays digital information on the real world and can be used to create interactive gaming experiences; – Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which allows players to immerse themselves in a realistic casino environment – 3D printing technology, which makes it possible to turn computer drawings into tangible products. – Motion capture technology, which allows for the tracking of player motions and movements The potential to give users a more immersive and interesting experience is where online gambling technology is headed.

Real Estate
The Property Is In Gurgaon

Buying shares on an trade is the most well-liked way to spend cash on an actual property funding belief. The shares are traded like any other safety on an trade and make them very clear. Income is earned from dividends and appreciation of the shares. Real estate mutual funds and actual property change traded funds can be used by traders. The capital and labor used to construct the advance symbolize a large fastened investment. Though a constructing can be torn down, improvements like drainage, electrical energy, water and sewer methods are permanent.

The rights inherent to its ownership and usage are included in real property. Any man made additions, corresponding to houses and other buildings, are included in actual estate. Changes to the land that impacts the property’s worth are referred to as an improvement.

real estate

Rents for 3 and 4 BHK flats can vary from 30k to 45k per 30 days. Numerous localities were developed as a outcome of growth of the city. They were given what they wished by the builders of the town.

We attempt to provide shoppers skilled advice and instruments to reach their monetary journey. We observe strict guidelines. The editorial integrity. There could additionally be references to merchandise in this post.

The International City Is Known As Sobha

There are not any goals to maximise threat adjusted returns if there are any concerns. Major adjustments in the means in which we stay and work have created huge bifurcation across business real property, with unprecedented power in some areas and weakness in others. The head of actual estate in Americas shares his opinion. It may be owned by a authorities, a company entity, or a private party.

Upcoming Industrial Project Sector 50

The physical traits of land are immobility, indestructibility and uniqueness. The high builders in Gurugram are Godrej Properties and Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate. Buying a property in Gurgaon would force you to take a glance at your financial savings account. There are lately constructed residences in this space. DLF Cyber City is near sectors ninety three and one hundred and five. Residential and commercial photo voltaic rooftop options are put in by consultants.

If the cost per click is not too excessive on your target keywords, it is a viable option, because it’s one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your website. Information and perspective can be gained from this exercise, which might inform your advertising efforts, your messaging and even the way you present your private model. You can build relationships with people who luxury real estate agent are good on the things you want to do. When selecting a dealer, consider firm tradition, commission construction and possible mentorships. Being able to study from skilled people, being pretty compensated, and having the flexibility to thrive are simply a few of the things you presumably can choose to do.

It is near South West Delhi and North Eastern Gurugram DLF Phase 1 and has higher entry to each Delhi and Faridabad. It is the closest to the DLF Cyber City and Golf Course as a outcome of it’s dominated by bungalows and massive residences. The value for two and 3 BHK rental flats begins at 30k and 50k per month, respectively.

Real estate funding trusts are one other investing strategy. Fund managers can invest the investor contributions in actual estate. The buyers collectively own the property. The authorized obligation to move a minimum of 90% of income via to investors is roofed by some regulations that do not apply to company equity funds. Offices, condo buildings, warehouses, retail facilities, medical facilities, knowledge facilities, cell towers, infrastructure and resorts are simply a number of the types of real property property that REITs invest in.

After the agriculture sector, real estate is the very best employment generator. India will surpass the market size of the US within the next ten years. The nuclear household and rising household revenue are the most important factors of actual property progress. India may have a 40% market share within the subsequent two years. The actual property sector in Gurgaon has grown in the first half of the yr compared to earlier years.

Our team of consultants just for you and backed by our widely acclaimed transaction and financial companies are the latest residential offerings from the best builders in India. A individual should buy shares in a real property investment belief, which is listed on major stock exchanges. It is feasible for traders to buy shares in an trade traded fund. A broker, funding advisor or monetary planner might help analyze an investor’s monetary goals and advocate applicable REITs investments.

Tech News
The Cash Circulate Is David Zaslav’s High Priority

Set up recurring transfers to help you meet your financial savings targets. The identical process is used to pay your credit card or loan. A lot of individuals need to earn cash online. One of the preferred ways of doing that is by taking surveys, taking half in video games and looking for products. If you want to earn free money, Cash’em All is amongst the finest game apps. They is not going to have an effect on your sport with in app purchases.


You can obtain as a lot as $1,000 in bonus site credits should you join DraftKings. Stick with the business leaders on the Lines and you will no longer have to use outdated assets. You will be prepared to make one of the best calls in your sports activities betting.

It is feasible to make a couple of dollars by enjoying on line casino video games. If you want to make a lot of money from a on line casino app, you need to be very careful. It is an easy approach to lose cash and get hooked on playing.

Fast money can be created from the car sitting on the road or within the garage. You could doubtlessly make more cash by renting out your automobile. Turo and Getaround join you with people who will pay to rent your automobile for a couple of hours or days. It takes half-hour to set up an account and you can begin renting your automotive as quickly as your account is permitted.

Online Gambling On Sports

The extra you play, the extra you make. Bingo Win Cash is a cell bingo app that has over eighty,000 rankings. It’s free to obtain and has zero ads. When you complete a task, you may be rewarded with Swagbucks factors, which can be utilized for present cards and money. The Swagbucks LIVE rewards are distributed by way of factors and may be redeemed for gift playing cards.

There are many types of sports activities betting. Sports betting is about investing cash in an end result of your selection and getting paid after that end result is achieved. At one point, DraftKings and FanDuel have been going to amalgamate. You ought to get an indication of how well acquired FanDuel is within the sports activities betting community. The deal was blocked by the FTC because they had been afraid of a monopoly. DraftKings started out as a one on one baseball product.

You Can Use Your Pc To Attach Your Msgcu Account With The Account From Another Financial Institution Or Credit Union

If you like playing video games in your telephone, why not use your abilities to make money? There are many gaming apps that reward players with money or present cards. It is troublesome to determine which games are worth the time. Cash rewards, pre-paid cards and other freebies are available in some free apps. Maybe it’s time to start playing if you need to make some more money. In our information, we’ll show you the most effective ways to earn actual cash while taking half in video games.

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You have to discover a good web site. If your guess is profitable, you collect your winnings from websites just like the Lines. To stay within the know and prepared for motion, make positive to explore our updated stats and data.

Setting up and using on-line banking has by no means been easier. Money may be moved from one account to a different. It’s simple to ship money to friends and family with the MSGCU Mobile App. It has by no means been easier to get round your online accounts. The new system is safer and quicker to log in to. If you may have a cellphone, you can use it to help confirm your identity with the Quick Login function.

During enterprise hours, our signature and funding processes can be found. Our business hours are Monday by way of Friday. The e mail could not arrive till the following business day if purposes are permitted during non business hours.

Users can make more money by taking surveys on many websites that provide enjoyable games. You can get paid for giving your opinions about well-liked and emerging services and products. If you may be thinking of playing games to win cash, you should watch your spending and just bear in mind to don’t go over your budget, especially should you use a pay to play app.

The objective of the game is to pop clusters of bubbles in the same shade. You need to be strategic to win the sport. Bingo Win Cash is a sport with a thriving community of gamers.

Tech News
Joe Biden Talks About India’s Defence Ties To Witness Unprecedented Co Production, Tech Transfer Plans And Pm Modi Us Visit

The legislation was proposed after complaints from Canada’s media industry, which wants tighter regulation of tech companies to prevent them from elbowing news businesses out of the online advertising market Once legislation requiring internet giants to pay news publishers comes into effect, Meta Platforms Inc plans to end access to news on Facebook and Instagram for all users in Canada. Meta Platforms’ Oversight Board asked the social media firm to evaluate efforts to prevent promotion of political violence on its platforms, after it allowed a video calling for violence after the Brazilian election to stay online. There are roughly 20 to 25 areas of technology partnership that have been identified in the joint statement as a direct result of the discussion between the two leaders earlier in the White House.

The Engines Of High Tech And Defence Are What Biden Modi Summit Is About

Reminders to practice deep breathing and stress management can be found in these. Positive changes to your lifestyle can be made with this information. During the visit, PM Modi assured Biden that Indian companies would invest $2 billion in the US manufacturing sector. The green signal was given to two key defence deals by PM Modi and President Biden. Data shows that 45 per cent of Indian classical music listeners are under the age of 25. The EU is currently working on bringing in a set of rules to protect citizens from the advancement of artificial intelligence.

In the last 24 months, for instance, India’s classical music consumption grew by close to 500 per cent on the platform, according to Spotify. With Samsung set to host its Galaxy Unpacked event in its home turf, Seoul, South Korea for the first time, the price of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic have leaked online. Multiple leaks and rumours suggest that Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series may be officially unveiled next month at the Galaxy Unpacked event alongside the next-gen Galaxy Z Fold smartphone. According to a report by Dealabs Magazine, the prices of the Galaxy Watch 6 series have been leaked in France.

Do You Know How Watches Can Help Enhance Your Health And Day To Day Life?

Click on the press release headlines to access accompanying multimedia assets that are available for download. Accounting Today is a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community, offering breaking news, in-depth features, and a host of resources and services. Digits launches Digits AI for small businesses; releases a new autonomous purchase order matching solution; American Express now offers virtual cards; and other accounting tech news. The study forecasts that 5G subscriptions in India will reach a remarkable 700 million by the conclusion of 2028, highlighting the substantial growth potential in the region. Despite geopolitical challenges and macroeconomic slowdowns in certain markets, communication service providers across the globe are actively investing in 5G technology. During a meeting held in San Francisco, California, on June 20, President Joe Biden shared his perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) and the various risks around it.

They’ve also helped spark a multilbillion-dollar frenzy among venture capital investors and entrepreneurs who are vying to help lay the foundation of a new era of technology. OpenAI, which makes the wildly popular ChatGPT chatbot, has been valued at more than $27 billion and is a leader in the booming field of venture-backed AI companies. Addressing whether he would financially benefit from OpenAI’s success, Altman said “I have enough money,” and that his motivation was the potential benefits of the technology. Altman has recently expressed concern over the potential for the increasingly powerful AI technology to inflict harm. In an interview at the Bloomberg Technology Summit in San Francisco, he said global regulation could address big risks but shouldn’t be overdone.

A Musk-Modi ‘fan’ affair, Twitter’s lawsuit troubles, US President Joe Biden being strict on AI releases, and a possible Nothing smartwatch — the world of tech was dominated by these headlines over the past week. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dall-E, both released last year, have inspired startups to incorporate AI into a vast array of fields, including financial services, consumer goods, healthcare and entertainment. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mandeep Singh estimates the generative AI market could grow by 42% to reach $1.3 trillion by 2032. Major AI companies, including Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, have committed to participating in an independent public evaluation of their systems. The Commerce Department said earlier this year that it was considering rules that could require AI models to go through a certification process before being released.

Edge computing is gaining traction in various industries due to the continued advancement of cross platform development and app store evolution. Performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, or inefficient code segments can be identified with regular updates. User feedback and analytic Tech News data help identify bugs. Resolving issues improves the app’s performance, reduces crashes and enhances user satisfaction. Businesses that want to reach users from different regions and languages need to provide multilingual and localization support.

In this week’s edition of Who’s Hiring In Tech, we round up five startups that have raised money in the past 12 months, that haven’t had reported layoffs in the past year, and that are actively hiring for multiple open roles. The new hire will also play a central role in crafting and defining data architecture, get training and hands-on experience on the latest tools and technologies such as AWS, Apache Spark and K8s, and contribute to the development of streaming data pipelines. You will work in the capture, management, storage and utilisation of structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, turning business needs into the data that supports the BT Group’s data strategies and strategic decision making. You can find many more opportunities in data engineering, data science, and data analytic on the UKTN Job Board. The World Economic Forum predicts that 97 million new jobs will be created by the year 2025. The Indian central government will give 50 per cent fiscal support for the total project cost and 20 per cent for the state of Gujarat.

Chandrasekhar said that yesterday’s announcement gave a signal to the youths of India that there will be several opportunities of working with American start ups and can shape the technology sector. When a customer has a negative impression, it’s challenging to turn it around, but doing the work up front mitigates potential negative experiences. There are several key trends that affect app development, deployment and monetization. It is important for businesses to be aware of the guidelines and policies of the app store to ensure compliance and avoid rejection. While complying with relevant protection regulations is a necessity, prioritization of data security and user privacy with secure coding practices, data encryption and authentication mechanisms is a necessity as well. The employees were reassured by the executives that the bonuses would be paid.

According to a report by Time, OpenAI has been lobbying the EU to reduce certain sections of the Act before it becomes a law. There are reports that suggest that the upcoming iPhone SE’s hardware has gone through a lot of changes. The tentative release date for the iPhone SE 4 was pushed back from 2023 to 2024, but it could be released in 2025. The Minister said that Artificial Intelligence is a “force multiplier” that can be used in the digital economy, governance and sectors like healthcare and education. You can find the right companies, identify the right contacts and connect with decision makers with an all in one prospecting solution.

These compact devices possess significant capabilities, ranging from assisting in achieving fitness goals to providing emergency alerts during a health crisis. Moreover, they can also play a pivotal role in improving your overall health on a daily basis. San Diego-based General Atomics will also set up a global maintenance and repair facility in India “to support India’s long-term goals to boost indigenous defense capabilities,” the statement said. The MoU between GE and HAL was signed Thursday and a manufacturing license agreement has been submitted for Congressional Notification, according to the White House. This is the first time the US will be going for transfer of sensitive defence technology with a country that is a non-treaty ally.