What Does A Handyman Do?

If you own or rent a house, you are aware of how constantly this list is expanding and altering. There are times when it seems impossible to do these undertakings unless you plan to dedicate all of your spare time to them.

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However, handyman services can help with that. These experts are here to assist you in finishing up your to-do list and beginning to take more pleasure in your house!

Here is a list of 8 tasks that you may get done by a handyman service!

1. Plumbing leaks

Leaking plumbing fixtures are among the most unpleasant things there is. It’s a major issue overall, from the persistent dripping sound to the mold and mildew caused by the extra water.

But it might be trickier than you would expect to locate the leak and figure out how to fix it. Perhaps you can’t do the task, and it’s not quite big enough to need a professional plumber.

The handyman repair business can help with that.

They will dispatch an expert who is aware of what to check for and how to address any leaks. This covers leaks beneath refrigerators, washing machines, showers, and toilets. The less long-term damage you have, the faster you can stop these leaks.

2. Installation of Lighting Fixtures

Redesigning a space to better suit the homeowner’s style is a common goal of home renovation projects.

A simple yet effective technique to create a big impression is to replace the lighting.

Increasing the room’s brightness is among the most frequent reasons to replace a light fixture. A somewhat different solution will be needed for each room to achieve its maximum brightness. Therefore, the best approach to get the desired amount of light is to modify the light fixture and the bulbs inside of it.

Another reason why people switch light fixtures is that they don’t like how the existing one looks. It’s true that certain lights are simply unsightly. Updating an entire space is a simple task.

The process of replacing a light involves some wiring and electrical work. That may give some individuals anxiety. Should that be the case, a handyman might quickly come in and install your new fixtures!

3. Repairing Drywall

Your drywall will eventually have some dents, dings, and holes if you have many people living in your home.

This is particularly true if there are any kids or teens residing there.

Work involving drywall repair isn’t always challenging. However, it does require a certain level of dexterity and expertise to make it appear good. After you’re done, you don’t want to be able to see the repairs. And that’s when it becomes complicated.

For handyman services, this is an easy task since homeowners want the finished result to appear exactly correct.

4. A Brand-New Paint Job

You may decide to apply a fresh layer of paint over your repaired walls.

It’s a wise investment to hire handyman technicians to manage your painting projects. They’ll probably be able to finish the task far more quickly than you could in your free time. You will save money since they will use less supplies (like as rollers and brushes).

Like other home renovation projects, your abilities will come in handy for the finishing touches and nuances. That’s the exact area in which handymen excel.

These experts will be able to provide uniform color and clean lines throughout your whole job. The best thing is that you won’t need to spend hours getting that appearance by setting up the space!

Alternatively, you might take pleasure in a brand-new area in your house!

5. External Renovations

Your home’s exterior may occasionally look a touch run-down. You spend less time outside, so it’s easier to forget about or put off the tasks that need to be done there.

However, these initiatives are as significant to interior projects.

That holds true for both the general design and functionality of your house. Getting a handyman to come out and handle routine house maintenance and repairs when the seasons change is a great way to get exterior jobs higher on your list of things to accomplish.

A handyman may inspect all of your doors, light fixtures, roofing shingles, siding, and gutters in detail.

They’ll have the equipment and expertise to take care of any minor repairs fast.

6. Deck Maintenance

Decks and patios comprise the outdoor living areas found in over 20% of American houses.

These spaces may be really fun and offer a lot for a home. If they’re in excellent functioning order, that is. Outdoor areas suffer weather-related damage over time due to exposure to the elements.

Although decking is often rather resilient, it may require annual upkeep and repairs.

Because it might take many talents to finish the entire project, this is a great job to employ a handyman for. The real material will probably require some patching and repair work. After that, it must be painted or stained to blend in with the rest.

Although deck repairs might be time-consuming, having more space in your home is well worth it!

7. Repair of HVAC systems

When your HVAC system malfunctions, it may be quite uncomfortable to be overheated or too cold. Neither manner is it enjoyable.

To guarantee that this system functions properly for the duration of the season, routine inspections and maintenance are essential. For this task, a handyman service business is ideal because they have the necessary equipment and won’t charge as much as a full-service HVAC provider.

They can quickly determine what is and is not functioning to maximize the efficiency of your equipment. This is a really good strategy to avoid unpleasant moments at home.

8. Upgrades to the Flooring

Simple fixes may frequently save the expense and inconvenience of replacing an entire floor.

The wear and tear of daily living can make the flooring appear worn and in need of refinishing. Shoes and furniture may dent or ding. These might become chips, which would then create gaps and broken parts.

Over time, carpets may also stretch out and become loose.

A handyman can probably do all of these tasks. You won’t have to replace the entire floor because they can take care of the problematic spot for you.

In the event that the handyman is unable to handle the situation, they will suggest a more qualified expert to assist you in the future.

What Can You Expect from a Handyman?

More than twenty years has passed since the beloved handyman of America left the small screen. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor was a popular figure who popularized do-it-yourself projects. He was a “do it all” sort of man, even if he wasn’t able to do everything.

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In the tradesman industry, handymen are sometimes overlooked. The phrase “handyman” is no longer relevant due to the development of internet search and specialized professionals. People with a variety of skill sets are no longer the first to come to mind when it comes to managing odd jobs. For example, handymen used to be the people who installed TVs. Some firms these days just focus on installing TVs.

It goes without saying that practically everything is owned by a company these days. Every task on the to-do list can be handled by one of numerous experts. So why haven’t we paid attention to the ultimate to-do listers? It’s most likely because they don’t know what a handyman is capable of. Where precisely can a handyman mend things?

I want to respond precisely like that. I’m going to examine the many sorts of requests the handyman gets, considering the variety of household chores that they are asked to finish. Handymen can probably do the majority of odd chores that are required of them. In no particular order, here are the top 12 handyman tasks that clients request.

1. Drywall repair

For a number of reasons, a homeowner could hire a handyman to fix their drywall. Fixes include replacing damaged doorknobs, tiny and large nail holes, hammered corners, and fractures in the walls. A handyman should be able to handle any type of drywall damage.

2. Setting up a TV

HDTVs have become less of a luxury and more accessible during the last five years. Even if they are now more cheaply priced, someone still wants to protect their investment. Mounting a TV is the simplest way to keep it secure and free up space in a room. Hanging a TV is a skill that practically every handyman possesses.

3. Venting the dryer outside

Doing a lot of home maintenance tasks once a year is a wonderful idea. This holds true for cleaning your dryer vent as well.

Did you know that leaving your dryer vent uncleaned might increase the danger of a fire in your house? Some individuals aren’t even conscious that they need be cleansed. A buildup of lint may be preventing the warm air in your vent from escaping. This blockage might result in overheating and possibly a fire.

It might drastically lower the dryer’s efficiency in addition to posing a fire danger. wasting money and time since it takes longer for clothes to dry.

4. Gutter cleaning

If gutters aren’t cleaned, they might get clogged and overflow. Both the walls and the foundation of a house might be harmed by this overflow.

Despite the widespread understanding of the need of gutter cleaning, many people still fail to do this task. A lot of homeowners don’t think twice about it. Taking the ladder out and putting it to use in the gutter to collect leaves? Maybe the next year.

Instead of ignoring it, a handyman equipped with their own ladder would gladly clean up those annoying gutters.

5. Leaky Tap

Everyone finds it annoying when a faucet leaks. It’s one of those repairs that the average homeowner would find daunting, but a handyman can probably do it quickly. A broken faucet that drops one drop per second can waste more than three thousand gallons of water a year.

6. Fitting and Maintaining Electrical Plugs

Like the regular homeowner, a handyman will usually steer clear of tasks requiring a deep grasp of electricity. Anyone handling electricity without sufficient knowledge is endangering their own safety. That being said, handymen are usually capable of performing simple electrical tasks like installing or repairing outlets.

7. How to Install and Maintain Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are really useful for a house. They save energy costs, provide chilly air in the summer, circulate warm air in the winter, and facilitate the constant flow of fresh air! Ceiling fans are becoming less frequent, even though they were once a fixture in every home.

8. Furniture Assembly

When people buy furniture and find out they have to assemble it themselves, it always disappoints them. Many people would prefer to assign this duty to someone else rather than attempt to pass themselves off as competent, even if the instructions are typically rather straightforward.

9. Swapping out the lamp

Although it’s not hard to change a lightbulb, there are a few circumstances when it may get challenging. Some homeowners would rather hire someone to climb up and change the lightbulbs in their chandeliers because they are too high to reach with a ladder.

10. Unclogging the toilet

This one will surprise a few people. Occasionally, ashamed clients will decide to hire a handyman instead of a qualified plumber. The best course of action is to not ask any questions when it comes to treating the blocked toilet.

What Is a Handyman Capable of?

The beloved handyman of America departed the tiny screen over two decades ago. Many people admired Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, a pioneer of do-it-yourself projects. Even though he wasn’t able to do everything, he was a “do it all” kind of man.

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Within the tradesman sector, handymen are often disregarded. With the advent of internet search and specialized specialists, the term “handyman” has become obsolete. When it comes to handling odd jobs, people with diverse skill sets are no longer the first to spring to mind. For instance, installing a TV used to be the domain of handymen. These days, some businesses just concentrate on TV installation.

It goes without saying that there is a corporation these days for almost anything. There are several professionals that specialize in handling each job on the to-do list. Why, therefore, have we overlooked the ultimate to-do listers? It’s probably because they are unsure of the things a handyman can accomplish. What specific areas can a handyman fix?

That’s exactly the response I want to give. Given the range of domestic tasks that the handyman is requested to complete, I’m going to look at the kinds of requests they receive. Most odd jobs that are asked of handymen, they can probably handle. These are the top 12 handyman services that customers ask for, listed in no particular order.

1. Repairing Drywall

A homeowner may request drywall repair from a handyman for a variety of reasons. Doorknob damage, small and huge nail holes, beaten corners, and drywall fractures are a few examples of fixes. Any kind of drywall damage should be manageable for a handyman.

2. Installing a television

In the past five years, HDTVs have grown more widely available and less of a luxury. Someone still wants to safeguard their investment even if they are now more reasonably priced. The easiest approach to keep a TV safe and free up space in a room is to mount it. A skill that almost every handyman has is hanging a TV.

3. Taking Out the Dryer Vent

It’s a good idea to complete a lot of household maintenance duties once a year. This also applies to cleaning your dryer vent.

Did you realize that not cleaning your dryer vent might put your home at risk for fire? Some people aren’t even aware that they need to be cleaned. The heated air in your vent may not be able to escape due to a lint accumulation. This obstruction may cause overheating and maybe even a fire.

It not only poses a fire risk but also has the potential to significantly reduce the dryer’s efficiency. squandering money and time as clothing take longer to dry.

4. Cleaning of Gutter

Gutters may get blocked and start to overflow if they aren’t cleaned. This overflow has the potential to harm a home’s foundation as well as its walls.

Although it is common knowledge that gutter cleaning is important, many still neglect to do this chore. Many homeowners don’t give it a second thought. Taking out the ladder and using it to retrieve leaves from the gutter? Perhaps next year.

A handyman, armed with their own ladder, will cheerfully clear up those bothersome gutters instead of ignoring it.

5. Leaky Tap

The noises of a leaking faucet are disliked by everybody. It’s one of those fixes that the typical homeowner could find intimidating, but a handyman can most likely finish it fast. Over three thousand gallons of water can be wasted annually by a faulty faucet that drips at the rate of one drop per second.

6. Installing and Repairing Electrical Outlets

A handyman, like the average homeowner, will typically avoid doing jobs that need extensive electrical understanding. Anyone dealing with electricity who is not well-informed is putting their safety at risk. Having said that, handymen can typically do basic electrical jobs like installing or fixing outlets.

7. Installing and Repairing Ceiling Fans

For a home, ceiling fans are really valuable. They reduce energy expenses, circulate warm air in the winter, supply cold air in the summer, and aid in the continuous flow of fresh air! Although they used to be a common sight in every home, ceiling fans are becoming less common.

8. Assembly of Furniture

Everyone has been disappointed when they purchase furniture only to learn that they must assemble it themselves. Even though the directions are usually rather obvious, many people would rather delegate this task to someone else than try to pass themselves off as competent.

9. Changing the lightbulb

While changing a lightbulb is not inherently difficult, there are several situations in which it may become so. Some homes have chandeliers that are too high to reach with a ladder, and the owners would prefer to hire someone to get up there and change the lightbulbs.

10. Toilet Unclogging

Some folks will be surprised by this one. Rather than hiring a licensed plumber, embarrassed customers will occasionally choose to hire a handyman. When it comes to handling the blocked toilet, the best course of action is to ask no questions.