How to become the ultimate team player

Collaboration is the foundation of teamwork. What are the advantages of teamwork, and how can one develop excellent teamwork skills?

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It is common sense to us that collaborating with others is beneficial. However, why is it so crucial, and what does effective cooperation and collaboration actually look like? Here’s how to start improving your teamwork abilities.

What does it mean to collaborate with others?

When individuals discuss having the capacity to collaborate with others, they are typically referring to a set of “soft skills” that allow you to work together on a project and establish fruitful working connections. How does this appear, then?

Working well with others is defined by the Nebraska University of Law as:

The ability to communicate clearly, work together, cooperate, and resolve problems with others in order to complete tasks

Recognizing the cultural background of the individuals you engage with, such as clients and coworkers

Making choices both alone and collaboratively

voicing one’s thoughts and honoring those of others

Being adaptable

How about we define teamwork?

Teamwork and collaboration are inextricably related. The definition given by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “Work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.”

According to this concept, cooperation emphasizes a common objective over each member’s drive for individual success by focusing our strengths towards it. Put another way, a team player prioritizes the goals of the group.

Experts concur. Renowned social psychologist J. Richard Hackman is credited with developing a five-factor model for team success that describes the attributes and circumstances necessary for productive group work.

Is the group a true team with well-defined roles, mutual reliance, and long-term membership stability?

Does the team have a well-defined goal that is both difficult and significant? Does it prioritize goals over means?

Does the task, makeup, and fundamental rules of behavior of the team promote or hinder teamwork?

Is there a robust social network and communication within the team that facilitates teamwork?

Is there qualified coaching available to assist members in overcoming obstacles and seizing new opportunities? Is coaching given when participants are best prepared to accept and use it?

What makes collaborating with others so crucial?

Sometimes it seems as though interpersonal skills are optional and that hard skills like degrees and certifications are more significant than interpersonal skills.

Soft skills, however, are essential for success. A study conducted by Queens University of Charlotte found that 73% of senior executives felt that soft skills were more essential than job-specific abilities, and 44% of them said that soft skills made up the majority of the US skills gap.

Nearly 75% of employers in the same survey said that cooperation and teamwork were “very important.” But just 18% of workers receive feedback on their teamwork in their performance reports.

Professional connections are important for reasons beyond simply making our lives better. Gallup uses the question “do you have a best friend at work?” as part of their approach to gauge effective management, which includes assessing relationships at work.

Success indicators often rise when the response is in the affirmative. Women who firmly think that they have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged workers (63%) as are those who disagree (29%), according to a Gallup poll.

Collaboration is more crucial than ever in the modern workplace, where we spend more time together than ever before. Additionally, organizations will need to identify procedures and resources that can facilitate efficient business collaboration and communication as the need for remote team-building and bridging office-based positions with frontline or desk-less workers grows.

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