Definition, Purpose, Legal Framework, and Compensation for Forex Brokers

What Is a Forex Broker?

A forex broker is a financial services company who provides traders with a platform to purchase and sell foreign currencies.

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Forex stands for foreign exchange. Deals in the foreign exchange market are almost always between two different currencies.

A forex broker is sometimes known as a retail forex broker or a currency trading broker.

Comprehension of the Forex Dealer

The foreign exchange market is a global, 24/7 industry by necessity.

Among a forex broker’s clientele are retail currency traders who use these platforms to make predictions about the movement of currencies. Among their clientele are large financial services firms that trade on behalf of other clients as well as investment banks.

One forex broker organization cannot handle the volume of the whole foreign exchange market.

The Job of a Forex Broker

The G10 group of ten nations’ currencies are used in the bulk of foreign exchange operations. The nations and their corresponding currencies are the US dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the pound sterling (GBP), the Japanese yen (JPY), the Australian dollar (AUD), the New Zealand dollar (NZD), the Canadian dollar (CAD), and the Swiss franc (CHF).

Most brokers allow their customers to exchange foreign currencies, especially those from developing countries.

Using a forex broker, a trader buys a currency pair to begin the transaction, and then sell the same pair to finish it. To convert euros into US dollars, for example, a trader buys the EUR/USD pair. It’s the same as swapping US dollars for euros.

To close the deal, the trader sells the pair, which is equivalent to spending euros to buy US dollars.

When a trade is completed at a higher exchange rate, the trader benefits. If not, the trader loses money.

Opening a Forex Account

These days, opening an account to trade FX online is rather simple. Before permitting trading, the forex broker will need a collateral deposit of money into the new account.

Brokers also give their customers leverage, which allows them to trade more amounts than what they have on deposit. Depending on the trader’s country of origin, leverage can be anywhere from 30 to 400 times the amount accessible in the trading account.

The Forex Brokers’ Revenue Model

Forex brokers are compensated in two ways. The bid-ask spread of a currency pair is the first method.

For example, the Euro-US dollar pair has a spread of 1.20010 and 1.20022, or 1.2 pip, between the ask and bid prices. When a retail client opens a transaction at the ask price and closes it at the bid price, the forex broker is paid the spread.

Second, certain brokers charge additional fees. Some charge consumers for each transaction, special trading products like exotic options, or access to certain software interfaces.

The forex broker market is quite competitive right now, and most businesses find that they have to reduce expenses as much as possible to attract retail customers. Several now provide free or extremely cheap trading charges in addition to the spread.

Some forex brokers also make money from their own trading ventures. This may be problematic if their trading puts them in a conflict of interest with their clients. Regulations have placed restrictions on this technique.

Regulation of Forex Brokers

The industry is governed by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA).

To learn more about the different brokers, anybody considering opening a forex account should check out the NFA website or the broker evaluations on Investopedia.


Professional graphic designers that specialize in creating distinctive and personalized brand graphics for individuals or businesses are known as logo designers. Designers of logos might work as independent contractors, full-time staff members at advertising agencies or design studios, or as temporary workers. In addition to having expertise in marketing and advertising, the majority of professional designers has an undergraduate degree in graphic design.

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How does one become a competent logo designer?

When searching for a logo designer to employ, bear in mind that not all graphic designers possess the same abilities and know-how to create a winning logo. You’ll discover that certain designers are more at ease with producing visually appealing print ads than others, and that some specialize in producing video material. Still others like to create infographics. In addition to being skilled in designing logos, a competent logo designer has to possess a broad range of other abilities.

Skills that a good logo designer must possess

Outstanding research skills.

It is important for designers to fully immerse themselves in the industry of their clients. This might entail digging deep into the details of the company’s service delivery process or undertaking in-depth research on a specific product. To create a logo that will set the company apart from the competition, research about the client’s present market and its rivals is crucial. A branding questionnaire or meeting is the most useful tool available to a professional logo designer. A branding questionnaire is a set of comprehensive questions that the client answers to assist the designer better grasp the kind of logo they are envisioning. Inquiries may include anything from “What is your budget?” to “Is there a unique story behind your business or business name?”

When a designer is in the research stage of a logo design project, briefings may also be useful. Designers frequently get a closer look at a company’s operations, distinctive selling points, and logo and brand messaging goals through client briefings. The top logo designers will spend an hour or more in-person meeting with their clients, after which they will leave with notes to assist in the creation of the initial design iteration.

Capacity to view things holistically.

It is common for inexperienced logo designers to become engrossed in the minutiae of creating a corporate logo. On the other hand, the most adept designers will possess conceptual thinking skills. With the creative briefing notes and branding questionnaire at the ready, a designer should arrange and examine all of the data provided, including preferred font and color schemes, logo types, and possible company names or taglines. An first logo drawing might be drawn by a designer since they have the capacity to see the wider picture. The finest designers will use font libraries, mood charts, and color wheels to be ready for the first draft. At this point, no design idea should be untouched.

To plan ahead, great logo designers must possess conceptual thinking skills. Designers must remember that their logo will be used by clients in all of their marketing campaigns. Websites, promotional items, print ads, social media profiles, and logos must all be flexible. You may get a better idea of how the final logo design should seem by asking the customer how they want to sell their new logo.

Communicating in a clear and concise manner.

This ability is what distinguishes excellent logo designers from inferior ones. A broken contract and a disastrous project might result from ineffective communication between the designer and the customer about their needs and preferences for the design. Unskilled logo designers frequently depend too much on their notes from the creative briefing or their responses in the branding questionnaire. It’s critical to be adaptable and receptive to the client’s last-minute demands and revisions. Great logo designers should, however, also be self-assured enough to educate their clients about the subtleties of the design industry. They shouldn’t be afraid to explain why a particular color combination works poorly or why a particular font size won’t make the brand stand out sufficiently on a promotional item.

The most successful logo designers in the business are often those that can effectively communicate the concept of design to a customer, take constructive criticism of their work, come up with creative solutions to problems, and strive for compromises in the final product.

The steps involved in creating a logo

Find out if a designer specializes in creating company logos before you hire them. Requesting a portfolio of their prior work would be the next step if they respond in the affirmative. It’s critical to ascertain whether their logo design aesthetic aligns with your vision for the final product.

The process of designing a logo will take longer if you choose to work with a professional logo designer rather than creating one yourself with an online logo builder. However, you can be sure that your logo will be exclusive to your company if you choose to work with a professional designer. A brief summary of what to anticipate during the logo creation process is provided below.

Step1: Respond to a quiz about branding.

You will probably receive a branding questionnaire from your logo designer to complete at your convenience. To aid with the questionnaire responses, it is vital to obtain input from everyone who will have a say in the branding initiatives (such as the CEO, marketing staff, investors, board of directors, etc.). This will assist in preventing misunderstandings later on in the design phase. In the event that you don’t receive a branding questionnaire, schedule a conference call with the designer and be ready to discuss your needs for the design, your budget, and your company.

Step 2: Research on companies and industries.

Once your logo designer has acquired sufficient data on your firm, they will dedicate a day or two to carry out independent study into your sector or business. It’s likely that the designer will study any press releases, news stories, or even your company’s Wikipedia page to have a better understanding of your business’s operations and the goods and services you provide. A thorough examination of competitors may also be included in the industry research phase. For instance, real estate logos often all have a distinct design that is quite different from restaurant logo styles. Designers want to ensure that your logo fits in nicely with your specific business and is appropriate.

Step 3: Make preliminary drawings.

The designer will provide you a few preliminary designs along with a brief explanation of their methodology for each design after gathering data from the research and branding questionnaire. The designer may show off a logo for a posh clothes store, for instance. A quirky, cursive script and a picture of a clothes hanging might be used in the logo. The client’s statement that they provide upscale feminine fashion may have influenced their decision about this design. Now is the ideal moment to get together with everyone engaged in the rebranding process once again and talk about the elements of the designs that you find appealing and those that should be enhanced or eliminated.

Step 4: Edit and rework.

It’s okay to be specific with the designer; the more input you provide, the more likely it is that the designer will know exactly what kind of logo design you’re after and will only need to provide you with fewer modifications. Remember that your designer might only be able to make a certain amount of changes to your logo, so it’s crucial to provide as much input as possible at the outset. Try to concentrate on font styles, color schemes, logo arrangement, and (if relevant) the phrasing of your company tagline. The designer will benefit from you breaking out the elements of your logo design into four distinct groups. This step of modification might take a few days to a week or longer. Hiring a logo designer that works for a marketing or design firm may be more advantageous if you’re short on time because they may access resources within the organization.

Step 5: Send in the completed document along with the picture files.

The final logo design for your company will be presented to you by the logo designer following the rework and revision phase, which may need to happen more than once. The designer will now also provide you with a number of other picture file formats, such as PNG, JPG, and an EPS or vector file. They will make sure to clarify which picture file format is appropriate for a certain kind of marketing campaign so that your branded logo seems polished and consistent across all platforms. A professional designer will also supply you many picture sizes to utilize for your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and your website logo.

The Greatest Books to Help You Discover Life’s Purpose

What is the goal here?

What goals need to we pursue in order to have a happy life?

The purpose of our existence is the most significant subject. It has been debated by several intellectuals both past and present (Baggini, 2005; & Eagleton, 2007.)

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In general, there are two groups of meaning theorists. Some people think that we have to create our own meanings because existence has no inherent purpose. According to them, the purpose of life is a personal decision.

Some people argue that life has a purpose that cannot be altered. However, they don’t always agree on what that meaning may be. Love and happiness are the most often mentioned competitors. Self-realization, connections, enjoyment, service, and creativity are some often mentioned ideas.

Scholars on both sides of the dispute are included in the list below. It should be illuminating, I hope.

1. Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Man’s Search for Meaning: The Classic Tribute to Hope from the Holocaust is at the top of my list (as are many lists of similar nature) (Frankl, 1946, 2004). Written between 1905 and 1997, it was authored by Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, and the man behind logotherapy.

Frankl contends that giving life purpose, in whatever shape it may take, is our main responsibility. He says that in order to survive, we must find purpose even in our pain.

According to Frankl’s autobiographical portion of his incredibly touching book, survivors of the Nazi extermination camps were more likely to have maintained a connection to their purpose in life. Their individual meanings were rather diverse. It may be a burning desire to see a loved one again, finish a challenging academic or artistic endeavor, or just have a great drive to serve others.

“(1) by doing a deed or creating a work; (2) by encountering someone or experiencing something; and (3) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering,” according to Frankl, are the three primary ways that we might find the meaning of life (Frankl 2004, p. 115).

Creativity in its broadest sense might be the purpose of our life. This covers both artistic endeavors as well as simple creation, education, or productivity. The experience of love and the admiration of greatness, beauty, culture, and the natural world may likewise hold significance.

Most importantly, Frankl (2004, p. 115) contends that meaning must exist somewhere other than within us. Rather than being found inside our own minds, it must be found outside of ourselves. He states that “being human always points, and is directed, toward something, or someone, other than oneself—be it an encounter with another human being, or a meaning to fulfill.”

Thus, Frankl’s existentialist perspective challenges us to let go of our fixation on happiness, self-actualization, and other ideals. Rather, he exhorts us to concentrate on meanings that exist beyond the confines of our own psyches.

2. Epictetus: Of Human Freedom

Epictetus, a former Greek slave who lived from 55 to 135 CE, shared the other Stoic philosophers’ strong belief that we can regulate our ideas to regulate our emotions.

Epictetus said that it is useless to worry about external occurrences because the most of them are beyond of our control. However, we have complete influence over how we perceive these experiences. This means that we shouldn’t give any external event or phenomenon any weight. Instead, in order to regulate our brains, all of our mental resources should be focused within.

Epictetus said that we should always assess our thoughts objectively and use reason to dispel unpleasant emotions. He proposed that our minds should be equipped with a logical fact-checker whose job it is to maintain equilibrium and composure. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has its roots in ancient Stoic thinking.

The essay “Of Human Freedom” by Epictetus provides a lovely and succinct overview of stoic philosophy. He writes on topics such as “On satisfaction,” “How we should struggle with circumstance,” “Concerning what is in our power and what is not,” and “How a person can preserve their proper character in any situation.” “Every circumstance represents an opportunity,” he reminds us.

We have less control over things that are beyond of our control the more we value them. According to Epictetus (2010), p. 81, freedom is thus “not achieved by satisfying desire but by eliminating it.” Epictetus claims that because life is painful, terrible things will happen.

When they happen, we may test our determination and fortify our resilience by using our misfortune. Therefore, when difficulties arise, picture yourself as a wrestler who God has matched with a strong, youthful buck, much like a trainer. For what reason? to get you fit for the Olympics” (Epictetus, 2010, p. 14).

Control is the ultimate goal of the Stoics. To become totally impervious to the numerous blows that fate has in store for us, they wish to rule their own home. They essentially want an extreme form of inner freedom that bestows total independence from outside forces. They contend that developing a stoic attitude is the highest good in life. Peace within is the reward.

3. Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, “The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living”

The 14th Tibetan Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, and psychiatrist Howard C. Cutler coauthored the best-selling self-help book The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living (2009).

Cutler adds tales from his work as a psychiatrist and neuroscientific justifications for brain plasticity to the Dalai Lama’s age-old teachings. It is powerful to combine contemporary science with traditional wisdom.

Cutler and the Dalai Lama contend that Buddhism provides a useful intellectual, psychological, and spiritual foundation for changing oneself, primarily via the practice of compassion. The Dalai Lama really states that compassion is the foundation of his faith.

Nonetheless, a crucial cognitive component is also necessary for Buddhist bliss. In order to truly be happy, we must accept the fact that our concept of a permanent, distinct self is false, and that it is largely to blame for our misery.

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