Weight training belts were once only used by powerlifters and Olympians, but these days, many people use them in the gym. But how can you decide if investing in a weightlifting belt is the best course of action for you? Furthermore, what exactly do they do?

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Continue reading to find out why and how to use a weight training belt, along with its many advantages.

What Is a Weight Training Belt?

The purpose of a weightlifting belt is to provide support for your lower back and core while performing strength training activities. It is often made of leather or nylon. Belts were first used by powerlifters to increase spinal stability and lower their risk of injury, but they are now a common addition to many trainers’ equipment.


Weightlifting belts are designed to produce intra-abdominal pressure, which lessens strain on the spine and enhances overall lifting technique. Belts can enhance your lifting ability and reduce the risk of injury by providing an additional layer of support for your core muscles.

There are several advantages to using a weightlifting belt:

less strain on the back’s lower region. Belts provide resistance for the core muscles and raise intra-abdominal pressure. The lower back may feel more comfortable with this extra support, which also lessens strain on the vertebrae.

better alignment of the posture. Although using a training belt won’t instantly enhance your technique, it can aid in maintaining proper lifting form.

avoidance of injuries. Belts can lessen overextension, bending, and twisting while stabilizing the spine and surrounding muscles. When you’re trying to push yourself to the limit or try to set a personal record, having this extra support can assist prevent injury.

enhanced capacity for lifting. Wearing a belt helps stabilize the core, which frees up more energy for other parts of the lift and can enhance performance. Most people find that utilizing a lifting belt allows them to lift larger weights.


While belts have advantages, not everyone has to wear one. A few factors determine if a belt will be beneficial to you:

The weight and the lifts you are performing. Belts are especially useful for moving large weights during full body workouts like Olympic lifts and complex exercises like squats and deadlifts. You won’t benefit much from one if you don’t perform these workouts or continue using smaller weights.

The form you use. Although it can help with biomechanics, a belt won’t correct poor form. Prioritize honing your skill before considering obtaining a belt.

Your well-being. If you already deal with high blood pressure, it’s advisable to see your doctor before wearing a weight training belt.


While there isn’t a single right technique to wear a weightlifting belt, keep the following in mind:

The center button is the belly. Your belly button should be at the center of the belt when it is worn.

snug yet not constricting. Wearing the belt should allow you to breathe deeply and pleasantly.

a space to breathe. It is ideal to have two fingers, but at least one, able to pass through your stomach and the belt.

You should always unfasten your belt in between sets to enable your blood pressure to return to normal because wearing a belt might raise it.


Searching for the top belt for weight training? Given that it vary on the individual, that may be challenging.

The first thing to think about when choosing a weight training belt is the kind of lifting you usually perform, since this will dictate the kind of belt you require.

Powerlifting attire. Those who carry a lot of weight during exercises like deadlifts and squats should use these belts.

belt for weightlifting. These belts are intended for athletes that perform Olympic-style lifting, such as bodybuilding, CrossFit, clean and jerks, and snatches.

Next, you’ll need to consider the belt’s breadth. Weightlifting belts are typically available in two thicknesses:

10 mm. For those considering utilizing a belt for the first time, this thickness is suitable. The 10mm belt is often far more pleasant to wear than the 13mm belt, even though there is only a 3mm difference between the two. This is especially true for those who have never worn a belt.

13 mm. After using the 10mm belt for an extended period of time, it is recommended to consider the thicker 13mm belt, which provides significantly greater support owing to its increased thickness.

Finally, consider the content. Velcro, suede, or leather are common materials used to make weight training belts. Your choice of material is entirely subjective, so feel free to try on many belts before deciding on one. The secret to making sure you wear it during your workout is to get one that is comfy.


Would you want to give a few workouts with your weight training belt a try? Below are 5 weight training belt exercises to help you stay in shape.

traditional deadlifting. Most of us will probably get a weight training belt for this reason. You might be able to lift more weight during a traditional deadlift if you use a weight training belt.

Romanian deadlift. The Romanian deadlift (RDL), the simpler relative of the traditional deadlift, concentrates on the hip extension exercise. When performing RDLs, using a weight training belt might help you concentrate on maintaining a neutral spine, especially if you’re new to deadlifts.

back squats. When performing back squats, which are sometimes referred to as belt squats if done with a weight lifting belt, you may add more weight without putting undue strain on your upper or lower back.

barbell rows. Wearing a weight training belt allows you to add more weight while maintaining concentration on your upper back, making barbell bent over rows an excellent complex exercise for working your biceps and back.

Press a bench. Since you are already lying down, you shouldn’t find that bench presses are too taxing on your lower back. You might be able to bench more weight if you wear a belt, though.

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