The Top 5 HelpCrunch Substitutes & Rivals for 2024

Without a doubt, Help Crunch is an affordable customer care tool with a ton of features.

However, let’s also acknowledge that not every firm should use it as a tool.

No matter how great a tool appears on the outside, it usually has a number of underlying problems that lower its perceived value and drive organizations to hunt for better options.

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HelpCrunch operates similarly. Some consumers are unhappy with the odd glitches they run across, while others gripe about the basic plan’s dearth of important features.

There are a number of reasons why you might be desperately searching for HelpCrunch substitutes. We can assist you whether you are in the midst of seeking for support or have just begun your search.

Following thorough examination and investigation, we have compiled a list of the top HelpCrunch substitutes available right now. To make the difficult work of locating a respectable substitute for you easy, we will go over the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each and even compare them.

Let’s get started.

The Top 5 HelpCrunch Substitutes You Should Think About

We can now finally talk about the top HelpCrunch substitutes for 2021 and examine what makes each one special.

Now let’s get started.

1. Knowledge Base for ProProfs

Without creating a single line of code, ProProfs Knowledge Base is an intuitive solution that is simple to set up and use. This HelpCrunch substitute is made for novices, specialists, and expanding and existing companies alike, and it has incredible features that you will like.

It makes it easy to create an external knowledge base for customers as well as an internal knowledge base for staff members. With this user-friendly program, you can also write FAQs, documentation, user manuals, and instructions.

The program provides ready-to-use templates that you can use right away, modification options to improve the articles’ appearance, and simple posting so you can quickly establish your knowledge base. Use the tool’s connection with popular support ticket reduction, live chat, and survey tools for a comprehensive support experience if full customer service is your goal.

2. The LiveAgent

The knowledge management system from LiveAgent may be used for both internal and external purposes. It can assist you in creating both a public information base for your clients and an internal knowledge base for your staff. It may even be used to establish external and internal discussion boards that function as cooperative spaces for insightful exchanges of ideas.

The fact that LiveAgent enables you to combine its knowledge library, live chat, and ticketing to deliver an enhanced customer experience makes it one of the greatest Help Crunch substitutes. LiveAgent encompasses the ideal functionality for each phase of the process, from building and setting your knowledge base to personalizing and releasing it.

3. Scout Assistance

HelpScout is another tool that is comparable to HelpCrunch. Its user-friendly knowledge base software makes it easy to establish a customer service knowledge base. You may use a strong editor, a plethora of formatting choices, and SEO tools with HelpScout. With the help of these capabilities, you can create material quickly, completely personalize it, and make it search engine friendly.

This Help Crunch substitute’s biggest feature is that it lets you easily integrate knowledge base articles into any portion of your website for convenient access. Depending on what best serves your readers, you may open the knowledge base in Beacon as a popover, modal, or even a sidebar.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is a well-liked knowledge base application that offers your agents a convenient information source as well as a workable self-service option for consumers. AI-powered content cues are offered by Zendesk Guide, the company’s knowledge base software. These cues assist you in determining which information from your knowledge base, depending on what consumers are really utilizing, to keep and discard.

In addition to self-service, Zendesk Guide’s array of capabilities makes it one of the most popular alternatives to HelpCrunch. It enables your agents to mark articles that are no longer needed, recommend articles inside of tickets, and instantly change information across all of your articles.

5. Confluence by Atlassian

Atlassian Confluence is a free alternative to Help Crunch that is worth checking out. This knowledge base solution is ideal if you have a sizable remote workforce and are trying to figure out how to get them to collaborate. It assists you in setting up a cooperative team workstation where your remote workers may learn new skills, solve problems, and even collaborate on projects.

It provides a selection of templates that are most suited for your recruitment, HR product, marketing, and other teams. They provide a flexible and collaborative workspace that your teams may use to generate project plans and meeting notes, among other things. Additionally, Confluence gives your teams access to a social intranet where they can post announcements and exchange comments.