A history of jewellery

jewelry from the ancient world

Jewelry is a common way to accessorize. Prehistoric jewelry composed of stone, shells, and bones is still present. It is most likely that it was worn as a status symbol or a shield from life’s hazards from a young age.

The growth of jewelry-making in antiquity was significantly aided by the discovery of metalworking techniques. The intricacy of the artwork and the sophistication of the metalworking skills increased with time.

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Gold was buried with the deceased to go with its owner into the afterlife since it was a rare and precious commodity. A large portion of archeological jewelry is found in hoards and graves. At times, such in the case of the gold collars from Celtic Ireland discovered folded in half, it seems as though there was a custom for getting rid of jewelry.

Sometime around 1783, this collar was discovered in a bog near Shannongrove, County Limerick, Ireland. Although its exact purpose is unknown, it was most likely a ceremonial collar. There is a hole beneath each of the round terminals on the inner side of the collar. A chain that wound around the back of the neck and between the two openings kept the collar in place as it most likely lay on the chest.

Antique jewelry, around 1200–1500

Europe’s medieval jewelry was a reflection of a very status-conscious and hierarchical culture. Nobility and royalty donned jewelry made of priceless stones, silver, and gold. Pewter or copper were common base metals worn by lower classes of society. Color (from enamel and priceless stones) and strength of defense were highly prized. Some diamonds are said to protect the wearer because of inscriptions that are mysterious or mystical.

In most cases, jewels were polished rather than cut until the late 14th century. Their worth was defined by their size and vibrant color. The use of enamels, which are essentially ground glassware fired at a high temperature onto a metal surface, allowed jewelers to add color to their creations. They employed a variety of methods to produce effects that are still often utilized today.

In the late medieval era, the pictures on the back of this cross were frequently utilized as a focal point for meditation. The Instruments of the Passion, which included the scourge, whip, lance, sponge, and nails, are depicted in the pictures on the lid. It’s possible that a small piece of one of them served as a relic and was kept within the now-empty cross. Pearls were associated with purity, while the crimson jewels could have represented Christ’s atoning blood.

Renaissance-era jewelry

Renaissance jewelry reflected the era’s love of opulence. With advancements in cutting processes, the brilliance of the stones rose and the enamels, which typically covered both sides of the gem, became more complex and colorful.

Both worldly authority and religion’s immense influence on daily life were reflected in jewelry, with many magnificent items worn as symbols of political might. The designs, which include a growing popularity of legendary characters and situations, represent the renewed interest in the classical world. Reviving the age-old craft of gem engraving, the use of portraiture also represented a broader cultural trend: a greater awareness of the person in art.

Certain kinds of stones were believed to offer protection against particular illnesses or dangers, such as toothaches and the evil eye. They could also promote or discourage traits like boldness or depression. This etching of a scorpion is from the first or second century BC, but it was utilized again in a medieval ring. During the Middle Ages, stones with Greek or Roman carvings were highly prized. They were sold throughout Europe and discovered during excavations or in surviving ancient jewelry. An longstanding reputation as a protective amulet belonged to the scorpion. In addition to being thought to cure poisoning victims, it was thought to have a cooling effect on fever since it was connected to water and represented the sign of Scorpio in the zodiac. Herbs and oil were also infused into scorpions to make poisoning remedies. A formula for an anti-poison oil that proved effective against ‘all forms of poisons consumed by mouth, stings and bites’ was published by the Medici Grand Duke Francesco I, who passed away in 1587.

Jewelry from the 17th century

New jewelry styles were introduced by trend shifts around the middle of the 17th century. Although ornate gold jewelry was necessary for dark textiles, the new, gentler pastel hues served as exquisite settings for pearls and jewels. Gemstone availability increased with the growth of international trade. Gemstones shone more brilliantly in candlelight because to advancements in cutting techniques.

The most striking gems were frequently the bulky breast or bodice embellishments that needed to be sewed or attached to rigid clothing materials. The diamonds’ whirling foliate pattern demonstrates a renewed love for floral embellishments and bow motifs. This necklace’s focal bow is a stunning illustration of a diamond from the middle of the 17th century. The painted opaque enamel is a relatively new invention, according to Jean Toutin of Châteaudun, a Frenchman. Around this time, enamels regularly employed this stunning color combination.

Jewelry from the eighteenth century

The multifaceted brilliant-cut had evolved towards the end of the preceding century. Diamonds glistened like never before and began to rule the world of jewelry creation. Magnificent sets of diamond gems were vital to life at the court and were often set in silver to bring out the white color of the stone. The biggest decorations were worn on the bodice, while the lesser ones might be strewn all over an ensemble.

Due of its significant inherent worth, very little diamond jewelry from this era remains. Owners would frequently sell it or re-set the stones in more stylish patterns.

Light swords with short, flexible, pointed blades first arose around 1640 as a reaction to emerging fencing styles that prioritized thrusting quickly. As “small swords,” they were worn with civilian attire more frequently, serving as a weapon of self-defense but also primarily serving as a status symbol for well-groomed gentlemen.

Men’s jewelry included little swords. By the 1750s, the swordsmith had given way to the goldsmith and jeweler, whose intricate hilts of gold and silver, set with priceless stones and exquisite enameling, were created. They were frequently awarded for exemplary naval and military service.

The sword bears the inscription, “PRESENTED to LIEUT.T FRANCIS DOUGLAS by the Committee of Merchants &c OF LONDON for his spirited and active conduct on board His Majesty’s Ship the REPULSE.” Hugh Inglis Esq., Chairman, Marine Society Office, May 1, 1798, Ja. S. Alms Esq., Commander during the Mutiny at the NORE in 1797.

Rewarded for his efforts in 1797, Francis Douglas put an end to a violent mutiny among sailors at the Nore, a Royal Navy harbor in the Thames Estuary. Seventy years later, an eyewitness narrative appeared in The Sheerness Guardian, describing how the ship Repulse, facing ‘as was computed two hundred shot’, managed a’miraculous’ escape from the mutineers heading towards land.

This sword was commissioned to be made by James Morisset, one of London’s most renowned producers of enamelled gold dress swords and boxes.

Jewelry from the 19th century

Despite the significant industrial and societal transformation that occurred throughout the 19th century, jewelry design frequently looked to the past. The early decades saw a rise in popularity of classical styles that evoked the splendors of antique Greece and Rome. New archeological discoveries have sparked interest in antiques. Goldsmiths manufactured jewelry that mimicked or was designed in the manner of archeological jewelry in an effort to bring back antiquated methods.

Additionally, jewelry with Renaissance and Medieval influences gained popularity. The fact that jewelers like Castellani and Giuliano created in both historical and archeological styles at the same time is evidence of the eclectic character of the era.

For a large portion of this time, realistic jewelry embellished with recognizable fruits and flowers was also very fashionable. Early in the century, because to a general interest in botany and the influence of Romantic poets like Wordsworth, these themes initially gained popularity. This big spray of various flowers was intended to be worn as a bodice adornment. It includes a pin fastening at the back. Since some of the diamond flowers are attached to springs, when the wearer moved, their shine would be greatly enhanced. You might take out the individual flower sprays and use them as hair accessories.

The delicate early designs had been replaced by more elaborate and intricate arrangements of flowers and foliage by the 1850s. Flowers were utilized to convey friendship and affection at the same time. Stones of varying hues mirrored the hues found in nature, and a unique ‘language of flowers’ expressed insightful meanings. Almost primarily women wore the more ornate jewelry, in contrast to previous eras.

A Synopsis of Rug and Carpet History

Only a portion of the lengthy history of rugs and carpets is known. Because the oldest carpets were composed of organic fibers, ancient rugs are extremely uncommon. Because organic fibers break down quickly, it is quite uncommon for them to be preserved for thousands of years. We do know, however, that weaving is an extremely ancient craft that has existed for thousands of years.

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Using grasses, reeds, leaves, and other natural materials, weavers first created crude, uncomplicated mats and baskets. The earliest real “rugs” were presumably rough-cured skins that early hunters used to cover their floors. These rugs helped to insulate and keep the house warmer thanks to their resilient, flexible backing and typically soft substance (referred to as “pile”).

Evidence of rug-making and weaving dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and Turkey, between 7000 and 8000 BCE, and as far back as the third millennium BCE in Egypt (with wool and cotton). The first people to design and weave wool rugs were Chinese weavers and nomadic herders, who were also major actors in the textile business in China and Mongolia.

In addition to Europe, weaving spread over most of the world, dating back as early as 5500 B.C.E. Weavers initially used natural colors before progressively switching to materials made of vegetables, flowers, and insects.

Rug-making was elevated from a need to an art form by the invention of silk in China, the elaborate, detailed embroidery and patterns of Turkey and Mongolia, and the global development of more advanced looms and weaving processes.

Oriental carpets were originally imported to Europe by Italian traders, where they were utilized as wall hangings and floor coverings. A prominent weaver’s guild had emerged in France by 1600, and England wasn’t far behind. England began to weave in the 1700s, and by 1830, a significant amount of the country’s wool production was going toward carpet production.

Numerous devices were developed to facilitate the weaving process, and modern looms are so advanced that computer algorithms power them. Prior to the start of mass manufacturing and the development of industrial grade machinery, rugs were not generally accessible in the United States and Europe.

The first steam-powered loom was introduced in 1787, and carpet manufacturing increased significantly when the Axminster loom, a device that allowed for the unrestricted use of color and pattern, was developed in 1876. The introduction of synthetic fibers and tufted carpet—a type of carpet created by inserting yarn tufts through a backing fabric—made the process of producing and acquiring carpets in large quantities simpler, quicker, and less costly.

Traction Conduct Of Soccer Shoe Stud Designs Underneath Different Game-relevant Loading Situations

(iii) The turf model provides greater safety towards the risk of damage. (i) On artificial grass, the soft ground model is said to a decreased athlete’s performance. The stability of the help leg should be highlighted, since it seems to be a key level to improve the performance of the shot. Also, cross assertiveness could be positively influenced by the cleat presenting a more homogeneous stress distribution between the upper shoe part and the ball [27]. When folks check with “cleats,” they usually imply footwear with spikes which would possibly be connected to the outsole of the underside of the shoe.

All other research obtained their outcomes from skilled male soccer gamers. The pattern size ranged from 12 to fifty two athletes, with age ranging between sixteen and 25 years, the body weight between sixty seven to 77.5 Kg, and top between 176 and 181 cm [11, 14, 15, 18, 25–28]. Football boots, called cleats or soccer footwear in NAmE,[1] are a type of shoe worn when playing affiliation soccer (soccer). Those designed for grass pitches have studs on the outsole to assist grip.

Almost 500 years later, soccer cleats look nothing like their earliest inception. This soccer shoe had a knitted higher and provided a sock-like grip on ankles. Soon sufficient, laceless cleats were the most recent buzz among soccer teenagers.

A good high quality inside last might help present correct support for the arch and users foot kind. The footbed and arch help found in plenty of cleats may present inadequate help for the foot and should must be replaced by a more supportive insole. For the Barcelona and Argentina followers out there, famous person Lionel Messi is known to have worn unique, specifically made soccer cleats for his country’s opening match within the 2010 world cup against Nigeria. The presence of monotongue is supposed to stop any type of slip while dribbling and provides phenomenal grip on the ball.

Soccer Cleats articles

The upper supplies distinctive help to the mid-foot and arch area. The sock liner is light-weight and chemical-free as it is manufactured from solely castor beans and supplies a snug tight match as many layers have been eradicated. Another important feature is the anatomical and asymmetrical heel counter and heel bucket. These aid in locking the foot down and enhancing stability and assist. The counter is made of Pebax® Renew which is derived from castor bean oil.

Cult Soccer Cleats Of The 2000s – A Nostalgic Look Back

This decade additionally noticed the beginning of an association between soccer stars and the cleats they wore. Brazilian legend Pele famously wore Puma cleats during the 1962 World Cup. In distinction, some gamers would also use tacks as momentary and improvised cleats on the underside of their soccer sneakers. Over time, using lengthy studs was not needed as a outcome of introduction of artificial enjoying surfaces.

In fashionable soccer, cleats current significant sponsorship and promoting opportunities to sports activities manufacturers. Laceless boots continued to be well-liked within the 2010s, with Adidas releasing the Ace PureControl in 2016. This boot featured no laces and was designed to offer maximum consolation and performance. In common, footwear with out cleats will reduce friction, which can lead to greater threat of slipping, and typically injury. “Slipping is normally an surprising phenomenon, so when the muscle tissue and delicate tissues that stabilize the body are primed to go in a different course, a slip can unbalance things and harm might result,” he says.

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This first impression, along with the promoting message touting the advantages of light-weight footwear, may lead the client to purchase the lightest pair, which is sometimes on the expense of technical, consolation and aesthetic standards. Things like black toes, pinching on the outside of the foot, infinite blisters, or ache in your arches are uncomfortable and may generally be attributable to wearing footwear designed for more of a male foot form. For the fit adidas copa mundial, a new AsymFit collar was designed round feminine anatomy. Research that confirmed gamers needed a cosy match across the ankle, so the collar shape and top come anatomically designed and a lower front cuff helps for ease of entry. The addition of a excessive cuff heel seam was set asymmetrically off the ankle to reduce break-in time and irritation on the Achilles, the model says. The Kanga-Lite artificial upper is solvent-free and provides zonal reinforcement to improve contact and management.

Medical Sharp Container Market Development, Trend, Opportunity And Forecast 2023-2030

In addition to looking the half (anything apart from rectangular side-netting belongs to another era), you don’t need to be a DIY professional to work out how to put the goal up and take it down. Plus, the web is so taut that the ball bounces back to you if you rating, so it’s nice for practising your shooting if nobody else is around to go in goal—or, in my case, when the kids are in school.

As the emphasis has shifted in direction of the burden and adaptability of soccer cleats, natural leather-based has been increasingly changed by artificial leather or fibers. Genuine leather is heavy and retains water, and it has turn out to be imperative for companies to make use of artificial supplies to achieve the light-weight feel of modern cleats. Adidas shocked soccer followers on the 2010 World Cup by launching the F50 adizero, weighing only one hundred sixty five grams. Most fashionable soccer cleats weigh less than 250 grams, and indoor soccer footwear weigh around 330 grams. When West Germany performed its first worldwide sport, after WW II, in 1948, a number of of its players wore the Puma football boot.

However, it was still only a pastime for folks, they usually played at an newbie stage. Hence, slightly consideration was paid to soccer boots, and most lovers wore their work boots while taking half in the game. Many players all over the world use personalization to improve the look of their boots and make them easily identifiable in the membership dressing room. It is now very common to have soccer boots totally personalised with both a name, initials, quantity, or club emblem. Professional players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar have all customized their boots ultimately, both by together with their number, the names of their children, or only a flag.

History Of Soccer Cleats: The Evolution Of Soccer Boots

To improve grip and stability, metallic studs or tacks had been added to the underside of the boots. In the later part of the 19th century, the first-ever football-specific boot was designed, made of thick and heavy leather which ran proper up to the ankle for elevated protection. The first boot weighed 500 grams (18 oz) and would double in weight when it was moist. Most professional soccer players own dozens of soccer cleats and the superstars even have their own customized cleats. Some help to design their own customized soccer cleats while others leave it to the sporting corporations.

In the Nineteen Sixties, many soccer boots were designed with a decrease reduce and had been designed to be lighter and more flexible. These enabled one of the best players in Europe and South America to move quicker and alter direction faster. Mitre, Joma, and Asics joined the fray, and Adidas turned the highest producer throughout this decade, with 75% of gamers at the 1966 FIFA World Cup sporting Adidas. However, it is not solely these quality aspects that matter when a buyer is shopping for a soccer cleat. The buy of soccer cleats is not just a useful choice; it is often a deeply emotional one.

Soccer Cleats articles

These soccer cleats are then made to undergo high quality control and packaging before they’re shipped to stores. In the last decade, knitted soccer cleats have turn into hugely well-liked too. All such soccer cleats have an ankle-hugging higher manufactured from microfiber knitted.

The smaller studs founded in the TF model decreases their traction and subsequently their performance [25]. The analysis about this theme has increased alongside time, especially in synthetic grass supporting the rising incentive by FIFA for using this sort of floor [4, 5]. Some of these traits have been demonstrated to affect the athletes’ performance [18]. Depending on the sort of surface, type of sport, and even the wearer’s position or position within the sport, completely different styles of trainers and particularly stud configurations can be found. However, most gamers opt for a consistent configuration on both boots. Football boots, also recognized as cleats or soccer footwear in North America, are an essential piece of equipment worn by players when taking half in affiliation soccer.

Another German agency Puma flagship shoes are the Puma King Platinum, Puma Future and Puma One worn by Sergio Agüero, Marco Reus, Cesc Fàbregas and Antoine Griezmann. Nike’s use of a digital “Finite Element Analysis” allows designers to play with the cleat plate and check it virtually earlier than making a 3-D-printed version for real-life testing. This process consists of changing the places of the studs and tweaking the geometry of individual studs to see how they react to the pressures of the foot. Max Blau, Nike’s vp of soccer (soccer) footwear, says utilizing a virtual model hastens the design course of.

The Best Limited Version Cleats Of 2023

Factors such as pricing, type, and endorsements from high-profile gamers additionally affect buying choices. The soccer cleats market is anticipated to continue growing because of the increasing reputation of soccer and the event of new applied sciences. The outer material could possibly be manufactured from several materials, similar to pure rubber, artificial fiber, and Polyurethane.

Soccer Boots Historical Past: Evolution, Applied Sciences, And Supplies

It is Define, describe and forecast the Soccer Cleats Market Growth by sort, utility, and area to Study the global and key areas market potential and advantage, alternative and challenge, restraints and risks. Know significant trends and factors driving or inhibiting the Soccer Cleats Market progress alternatives available in the market for stakeholders by identifying the excessive growth segments. Strategically it examines every submarket with respect to individual growth trend and their contribution to the Soccer Cleats Market. The typical soccer cleat plate will typically embody a mix of conical and chevron (an inverted V shape) geometry. “One of the best benefits of stud placement is stud disbursement, or the equalizing of pressure of the studs throughout the plate,” Blau says. Shin pads are in all probability the least thrilling dialogue level when it comes to your football stash, however with out them, you aren’t taking part in.

There are a quantity of kinds of rugby boot, meant for players in different positions. A cleat’s inner last or footbed building has a vital influence upon the player’s efficiency. The footbed development delivers the optimum blend of stability and adaptability and lends personality to the shoe.

Soccer cleats have undergone years of evolution to turn into their current kind. In fashionable soccer, cleats present important sponsorship and advertising opportunities to sports producers. Additionally, cleated sneakers produce other features, including a low, mid, or high minimize; the higher the minimize, the more stability the shoe offers to the ankle. Shoes may also be heavier or lighter weight in development, which determines how stiff or bendable they are. When the Dassler brothers began offering rubber molded cleats round 1925 it was a significant materials development.

Players kind bonds with their boots, believing that the proper pair can improve their performance. Marketing strategies leverage this emotional connection by emphasizing the options that matter most to players. Cleat colors can symbolize team allegiance, participant identification, or personal choice. Brands perceive nike superfly 9 turf the power of color in shopper psychology and supply a variety of decisions to cater to numerous tastes. To evaluation the affect of cleats-surface interaction on the efficiency and danger of damage in soccer athletes.

The Nike GS boot is the first ever environment-friendly soccer boot to be created and can additionally be the lightest boot ever at 160 g. The bio-based traction plate is mainly composed of castor beans to improve the boot’s power and suppleness on the pitch. Nearly 70% of the lining, laces, and tongue are manufactured from recycled supplies, while the toe board and collar are manufactured from 15% recycled materials. We may also probably see higher use of on-pitch know-how, corresponding to GPS, and sensors in soccer cleats quickly. This soccer shoe had a knitted higher and supplied a sock-like grip on ankles. Soon sufficient, laceless cleats had been the newest buzz among soccer teenagers.

Artificial Intelligence Science Has A History Within The Information

Artificial neural networks and deep studying Artificial neural networks and deep learning Artificial neural networks and deep learning Artificial neural networks and deep studying Artificial neural networks and deep studying Artificial neural networks and deep studying Artificial neural networks and deep studying Artificial neural networks and deep learning Artificial neural networks and deep learning Deep learning is a variant of machine learning that makes use of multiple layers to unravel problems. The resolution of more advanced issues with greater accuracy and less manual tuning could be achieved with the help of these layers. There are systems which may be designed to carry out specific tasks, however are limited to those duties solely. These techniques don’t have general intelligence however excel at their designated features. Weak synthetic intelligence contains voice assistants, recommendation systems and picture recognition methods.

Artificial intelligence

General synthetic intelligence, also referred to as strong synthetic intelligence, is an artificial intelligence system that can surpass human intelligence in a extensive range of duties. Strong artificial intelligence can be able to understanding, reasoning, studying and making use of information to unravel advanced problems in a method much like people. The growth of strong synthetic intelligence has not yet been achieved. Artificial intelligence can do many issues, however it could’t perform and assume like people.

The puzzle items have different shapes or colors. DeepMind has developed packages that may diagnose eye diseases as successfully as the highest doctors in the world, and has created a system that may predict the complicated 3D shapes of proteins. GPT three was the most important language mannequin in existence on the time of its 2020 launch, with 175 billion parameters.

The growth and launch of GPT three.5 and GPT four is probably the most notable development in artificial intelligence. There have been many different revolutionary achievements in artificial intelligence that haven’t been included right here. When you ask for the capital of a rustic or for an update on the climate, you may get responses that are the results of machine learning.

A graduate student within the department of biology, Anyoha has a background in physics and genetics. His current project uses machine learning to mannequin animal behavior. In his free time, he likes to debate and play soccer. Artificial intelligence in on an everyday basis life includes voice assistants, advice engines, and self-driving automobiles. Past information is added to their memory by these machines.

ANI is an instance of the way it works, as it is programmed to carry out a selected task, which is to generate textual content responses to the immediate it’s given. To help you make smarter shopping for choices on tech gear and a broad array of services, our aim is to ship the most accurate data and probably the most knowledgeable recommendation attainable. Every article is reviewed and reality checked by our editors to ensure that our content meets the highest standards. We will correct or clarify the article if we make an error. Please report the mistake should you see it in our content material. For a successful transformation journey that features technique improvement and gear entry, discover a companion with industry experience.

Post Graduate Programs In Ai And Machine Learning Are Available In These Cities

Artificial Intelligence improves the effectiveness of human efforts. AI Daily Life methods can be utilized to identify which transactions are more doubtless to be fraudulent, adopt quick and correct credit scoring, in addition to automate manually intense data management tasks in financial establishments. Artificial intelligence offers digital shopping capabilities that provide customized suggestions and discuss purchase choices with the patron.

Is There Any Latest Examples Of Ai?

But not the same as the original knowledge. Leading model developers also provide cutting edge models on prime of the cloud providers. Openai has lots of giant language models that can be used for chat, NLP, picture generation and code era. Artificial intelligence infrastructure and fashions for textual content, photographs and medical data can be found to all cloud providers. Hundreds of other gamers are offering models that are tailor-made for various industries and use circumstances. Personal finance purposes that use artificial intelligence are disrupting monetary establishments.

The picture on the display screen may be adjusted based on what the person is doing, as well as the topic and background of the picture. The technological and scientific capabilities needed to reach the next stage of artificial intelligence have not been achieved. Access our full catalog of over a hundred on-line programs by purchasing an individual or multi person digital learning subscription, which is in a position to let you increase your expertise throughout a range of our products at a low price. Add synthetic intelligence to maximize experiences, decision making, and enterprise value.

We are simply beginning to see the purposes for this know-how develop. Take a have a look at the probabilities. There is lots of hype about the use of artificial intelligence in business.

Moore’s Law, which says that the memory and pace of computers double yearly, has lastly caught up and surpassed our wants. This is how Deep Blue was in a place to defeat Gary Kasparov in 1997 and how Alpha Go was capable of beat Ke Jie a couple of months ago. It explains how we saturate the capabilities of artificial intelligence to the extent of our present computing energy after which anticipate Moore’s Law to catch up again. Artificial intelligence and machine learning powered software program and gadgets mimic human mind processes to assist society with the digital revolution.

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Rome is amongst the hottest vacationer destinations in the world. Its culture is unparalleled, and its history is wealthy. When people consider Rome, they consider the Colosseum and the Vatican. When serious about African art, the first thing that comes to mind is the inventive tradition of South… In the United States, Salem is a metropolis.

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Wales has some of the most gorgeous scenery. It is doubtless certainly one of the most popular tourist locations on the planet with a lot of historical past and tradition to offer guests. But what concerning the past? There’s much more to London than meets the attention. The Arabian Sea Gulf has a rich heritage that spans centuries. The Gulf has hosted a few of the world’s most famous civilizations, including the Assyrians.

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These early cultures… Independent retailers are in a place to sell their merchandise to people around the globe. Merchants can use the platform to create a web-based store, list their products, and handle their payments multi functional place.