In essence, WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly platform for creating your own website or blog. In actuality, WordPress powers over 42.7% of all websites on the Internet. Yeah, more than half of the websites you visit most likely utilize WordPress.

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In technical terms, WordPress is an open-source content management system that is freely accessible to anybody under the terms of the GPLv2, allowing for unlimited usage and modification. A content management system is essentially a tool that makes it easier for users to manage important website components, such content, without requiring them to know programming languages.

Ultimately, WordPress makes it possible for everyone to build a website—even those without any prior programming knowledge.

What Kinds of Websites Can You Create With WordPress?

Many years ago, WordPress was primarily utilized as a platform for building blogs rather than more traditional websites. It hasn’t been the case recently, though. Thanks to improvements to the core code and the extensive ecosystem of plugins and themes, WordPress can now be used to create any type of website.

For example, WordPress is the most popular platform for creating eCommerce stores and powers most blogs and business websites! With WordPress, you may produce:

websites catering to companies

internet merchants





Social networks

websites for members

Well, whatever else comes to mind.

How Is Different From

Although the primary contrast between and has been covered in great detail, the following is a brief synopsis:

Using the free and open-source WordPress software, you may create a fully unique website by installing, sometimes referred to as self-hosted WordPress, on your own web server. is a for-profit membership service that runs on the software. You lose a lot of the variety of self-hosted WordPress, despite the fact that it is straightforward to use.

The self-hosted version of WordPress that can be obtained at is often what is meant when most people refer to “WordPress.” If you want total ownership over your website, self-hosted is almost always the best option.

Who Is WordPress’s Inventor And How Long Has It Been Around?

Originally built as a stand-alone project in 2003, WordPress was the progeny of a previous project known as b2/cafelog.

Since WordPress is open-source software, it is presently developed by a sizable community of contributors. If we were to go all the way back to WordPress’ beginnings, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little collaborated to build the platform’s initial version.

Since then, Matt Mullenweg has effectively assumed the position as WordPress’ face. Furthermore, he established Automattic, the company that manages the profit-making website.

WordPress has a long history dating back to its beginnings as a blog platform in 2003.

All in all, though, WordPress’s contributions and sizable community have helped it develop and become the most popular platform for building websites of all kinds.

WordPress Creators?

WordPress is used by large corporations, small businesses, and everyone in between! First off, we make use of WordPress! Therefore, the page you are currently browsing is powered by WordPress. Many more well-known companies are also utilizing WordPress. Here are a handful of our best examples:

The official website is powered by WordPress:


WordPress powers the official blog of Microsoft. Furthermore, WordPress powers the blogs for companies like Windows and Skype:

The Rolling Stones

WordPress is so widely used that well-known bands use it! The complete Rolling Stones website is powered by WordPress.

What Justifies Using WordPress?

Okay, so WordPress powers more than 42.7% of all websites on the Internet, including those of well-known institutions like the White House and Microsoft.

But what about you? Why is it advised to use WordPress?

Regardless of the type of website you want to construct, there are a number of reasons to choose WordPress when building one. Among the biggest ones are these:

Free and Open Source Software

One of WordPress’s key benefits is that it is open-source software that is free. You will never have to pay to use the WordPress software; instead, you will only ever have to pay a little amount for hosting, unlike competitors like Squarespace.

Furthermore, an abundance of open-source plugins and themes are at your disposal to personalize the look and feel of your website. Concerning…

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