A customer data platform: what is it? An explanation of CDPs

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software application designed to aggregate information from many technologies into a unified customer database. This database includes details on all customer interactions and touchpoints with your product or service. Then, using almost infinite segments, that database may be used to construct more specialized marketing campaigns.

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Knowing what a CDP performs

Giving an example is the greatest method to convey this. Assume a business is attempting to learn more about its clients. Data from contact points such as Facebook, the corporate website, email, and any other location a client may engage with the business would be gathered via their CDP. All of those data points will be gathered by the CDP, which will then combine them into a single consumer profile that is simple to comprehend and accessible to other systems that may require it, such as the Facebook advertising platform. read more

There Were 10 Old Tech Devices You Forgot About

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