A new piece by Kordz seeks to clarify Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology 2023

Kordz has published a detailed and insightful study for systems integrators on the history, evolution, suggested practices, and expanding use cases for PoE++ network wiring.

This newest version of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology provides greater power to high-wattage devices, such as PTZ cameras, videoconferencing systems, and huge screens.

Published on the Kordz website, ‘PoE Demystified’ provides integrators with current, relevant information on how PoE and PoE++ may increase the capabilities of a networking system.

Kordz has come out with a new article to explain PoE technology.

In addition, the essay details the seven processes and best practices for appropriate PoE++ design and implementation, including power needs, equipment selection, power loss concerns, system protection, and redundancy planning.

The publication of ‘PoE Demystified’ follows Kordz’s recent launch of its new Cat6 28AWG award-winning networking solution, PRO SlimCat Network Cable System, a comprehensive suite of networking devices that offer PoE++ at 100W and 1 Gbps connection up to 50 meters.

Since their start in the late 1970s, networks have gone a long way, according to James Chen, managing director of Kordz. The evolution of network cable technology has led to the next generation of Cat6, Cat6a, and PoE++ compatible cable solutions that push the boundaries of home and business networks by providing greater bandwidth, more dependable and stable communication, and the delivery of more power to more devices. Systems integrators that wish to stay ahead of the technology curve should adopt new PoE standards in order to provide clients with the networking experiences they require.”