New custom colors for Xiaomi 13 Ultra 2023

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra flagship was introduced a month ago in Black, White, and Olive Green hues; however, they are not the only colors that will be available to purchase in China. It was revealed today that three new unique color options will be available, and they are called Starry Sky Blue, Cabernet Orange, and Ginkgo Yellow.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s unique colors are revealed.

The chassis of each of the three new iterations of the 13 Ultra is made of matte black aluminum. The second modification that has been made to the new color selections is the camera ring, which now comes in a shade of dark graphite rather than the brass option that was available with the launch colors. read more

iOS 17 to offer these much wanted improvements to iPhones 2023

Apple iOS 17 has gone from zero to 100 in enthusiasm in the last few weeks! After reports said the update would only make minor changes, many fans dismissed it. The iOS 17 upgrade may provide several new capabilities to iPhones, according to leaks.

The leaked additions have been thrilling, but many fans worry that key critical improvements may not be released this year. It’s not too late, though. Apple might thrill us with some unexpected additions. What are these sought-after iPhone features that can improve consumers’ lives? Take a look. read more

Jabra Elite 4 Review: Budget Redefined 2023

With the release of the Jabra Elite 4, the company enters the affordable TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds market for the first time. Given its lengthy association with superior sound quality, this decision by the Danish brand represents a possible bargain for consumers. The new Jabra Elite 4 is priced at Rs 9,999, making it competitive with other earbuds in the same price range.


The new Jabra Elite 4 retains Jabra’s characteristic simplicity and lack of radical departure from its fundamental design. As the case and earphones resemble other Jabra earbuds that were previously released. The polycarbonate case has a company logo on the front and a type-C port for charging on the rear. read more

Google’s Chrome leads the PC browser market, followed by Apple’s Safari 2023

The Safari web browser from Apple is now the world’s second most popular desktop browser, overtaking Microsoft Edge by a margin of only 0.87 percent.

According to Statcounter, a web analytics firm, as of the month of March 2018, Apple’s Safari has 11.87 percent of the market share for desktop browsers, with the Edge browser from Microsoft coming in third place at 11 percent.

Between 2022 and 2023, Microsoft Edge only added 1% to its market share, while Safari added 2%. Safari was the clear winner. read more

The Most Common Suzuki Samurai Problems You Should Know About 2023

A Samurai has probably been spotted somewhere in the woods, on a college campus, or in a metropolis. Due to Suzuki’s capable little 44’s ability to go where other vehicles cannot, they appear almost anywhere. Although the Suzuki Samurai enjoyed a brief period of popularity here, its history did not start or end here.

An Overview of the Suzuki Samurai’s history

The Suzuki Samurai first arrived in the United States in 1986 and left the market in 1995, although its history really began in 1968 as the ON360, a Japanese Kei-class automobile produced by the Hope Motor Company. read more

Lenovo released its Smarter Data Management Technology Playbook for Asia Pacific CIO insights 2023

Lenovo debuted its first-ever “Smarter Data Management Technology Playbook,” which compiles insights from more than 550 CIOs in Asia Pacific. The IDC-led report highlights the current status of the data management landscape, digital maturity, and the preparedness of CIOs to meet current and future data challenges and priorities.

The IDC study, which was commissioned by Lenovo, offers crucial insights on infrastructure readiness, data innovation, sustainability, and choosing the right storage partner. read more

End-to-end supply chain technologies 2023

For businesses to succeed in today’s competitive market, effective supply chain management is essential. It entails managing the flow of products and services from the origin point to the consumption point. One of the most important aspects of supply chain management is downstream fulfillment, which can only be accomplished through effective planning and execution upstream.

This means that if the upstream portion of the supply chain is not operating efficiently, it places enormous pressure on downstream operations to deliver on time, resulting in delivery delays and decreased customer satisfaction. read more

Research on Technology and Resilience 2023

BCI presented its inaugural Technology in Resilience Report. It discusses the market and the drivers and constraints to companies using cloud storage, drones, predictive analytics, and AI for resilience.

Cloud, virtual training and exercising, predictive analytics, IoT, and user experience personification receive the most investment.

Over the past four years, augmented reality, user experience personification, and drones have become increasingly popular. The paper suggested that each of these has a resilience use, and as these technologies mature, their use will rise over the next five years. read more

With the “complex queries” capability, Google Photos’ search bar is improving 2023

Google Photos has become one of the most popular cloud storage options for photos and videos, particularly among Android users, over the years. While millions of people around the world use the mobile app, the Google Photos website has a number of intelligent features that make it easy to use on any platform.

While the existing search functionality in Google Photos was already excellent, it is now even better with the addition of support for more complex queries. According to 9to5Google, the Google Photos website is displaying a new pop-up that encourages users to “Try a more powerful search.” read more

Moto Watch 70 and Watch 200 announced Launched 2023

The Moto Watch 70 and the Moto Watch 200 are the most recent additions to Motorola’s lineup of smartwatches, which were both recently revealed. The first option is an affordable smartwatch that focuses on the standard health and activity tracking functions, while the second option provides a few extra high-end features, such as an AMOLED display and Bluetooth calling.

The former option is the more affordable option. Although Motorola has not yet disclosed pricing or availability information, the official website for the company says that both watches will be available “soon.” read more