Google’s Chrome leads the PC browser market, followed by Apple’s Safari 2023

The Safari web browser from Apple is now the world’s second most popular desktop browser, overtaking Microsoft Edge by a margin of only 0.87 percent.

According to Statcounter, a web analytics firm, as of the month of March 2018, Apple’s Safari has 11.87 percent of the market share for desktop browsers, with the Edge browser from Microsoft coming in third place at 11 percent.

Between 2022 and 2023, Microsoft Edge only added 1% to its market share, while Safari added 2%. Safari was the clear winner.

Safari placed second by 0.87% above Microsoft Edge.

It should come as no surprise that Google’s Chrome browser continues to be the most popular option on the market; as of March 2018, Chrome has a remarkable 66.13 percent market share. Mozilla’s Firefox came in at number four with a market share of 5.66%, which was followed by Opera with 3.09% and the dogged Internet Explorer with 0.55%.

The online browser used by 61.96 percent of all mobile devices is Google Chrome, which makes it the most popular mobile web browser. This is followed by Apple’s Safari, which accounts for 26.85 percent, Samsung’s mobile browser, which accounts for 4.8 percent, Opera Mobile, which accounts for 1.8 percent, UC Browser, which accounts for 1.7 percent, and the built-in browser that comes with Google Android, which accounts for 0.8 percent.

Again, Chrome is the most popular browser on tablets; however, its margin over Safari on tablets is far smaller, at 48.03 percent compared to 36.52 percent. Comparatively, Opera only has 0.72 percent of the tablet market share, while the default Android browser has 13.11 percent.

Microsoft Edge has 0.42 percent market share, while Puffin leads with 0.29 percent.

Chrome’s market share remains in the lead across all platforms, sitting at 63.51 percent, followed by Safari’s 20.43 percent, Edge’s 4.96 percent, Mozilla Firefox’s 2.77 percent, Samsung’s mobile browser’s 2.59 percent, and Opera’s 2.35 percent.