iOS 17 to offer these much wanted improvements to iPhones 2023

Apple iOS 17 has gone from zero to 100 in enthusiasm in the last few weeks! After reports said the update would only make minor changes, many fans dismissed it. The iOS 17 upgrade may provide several new capabilities to iPhones, according to leaks.

The leaked additions have been thrilling, but many fans worry that key critical improvements may not be released this year. It’s not too late, though. Apple might thrill us with some unexpected additions. What are these sought-after iPhone features that can improve consumers’ lives? Take a look.

iOS 17 will provide these anticipated iPhone features.

Apple Music is likely to gain a sleeker and more graphically rich interface with the iOS 17 upgrade. Lyrics can be shown on lock screens. Sideloading applications—the ability to download and install software from places other than the Apple App Store—is another predicted feature. Mood Tracker and lock screen enhancements are also included.

iOS 17’s most-requested features

iPhone users have wanted an accurate battery widget for a long time. For now, users must use the Apple device’s Find my app to see this. However, this is easy. Since Apple devices are always tracking each other, a feature to check all devices’ battery levels on one screen would be even better.

Users have also long sought notification mirroring. Android has always supported notification mirroring. On the Apple ecosystem, Apple Watch mirrors only iPhone notifications. Apple already allows iPhone communications to be sent to iPad or Mac. An opportunity to monitor notifications on all Apple devices from one smartphone would also be handy.

Emoji interactions in the Messages app need better. Apple now offers a limited number of emoticons. Android, which now lets users send any emoji as a reply, and third-party applications like WhatsApp, FaceBook, and Instagram, where Meta has implemented the feature, do not. This makes Apple seem antiquated and improves the user experience.

Based on the amount of customers who request it, we don’t know if Apple is working on any of these improvements or if they’ll be in iOS 17.