AI. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says AI will be added to search engine 2023

The chief executive officer of Google, Siddharth Pichai, has said that the multinational technology corporation has intentions of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) elements that are conversational into its search engine. Pichai also mentioned that the opportunity area for AI chatbots is “greater than it was previously.”

Pichai was quoted as saying in an interview that developments in AI will strengthen Google’s capacity to answer to a range of search inquiries, as was reported by The Wall Street Journal. When asked about the recent advancements made by the firm in the field of AI,

Pichai responded, “We are advancing rapidly.” He mentioned that the tech giant has unveiled Bard AI, and that Workspace had revealed capabilities that are beginning to roll out in both Gmail and Google Documents.

Sundar Pichai claimed Bard AI can handle many creative and collaborative use cases for Google.

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Pichai stated that the organization is now able to manage a large number of innovative and collaborative use cases as a result of the implementation of Bard. “I believe that we have been making use of LLMs in order to enhance the search quality as well as the overall search experience; nevertheless, I believe that we will introduce natively the latest LLM capabilities in search.

Pichai said that “we are attempting to guarantee that it functions successfully for users; they have high expectations, and we want to surpass those expectations.”

With this technology, the tech giant will also work to improve the experience that users have while using its search engine. “Will users be able to interact with LLMs and pose queries to Google while they are searching? Sure,” Pichai added.