Ashwini Vaishnaw: Indians Get 100 6G Patents 2023

Vaishnaw mentioned that India has begun exporting telecommunications gear to the United States. He specifically mentioned that India has begun exporting radio equipment to the United States.

According to a report, IT & telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw stated on Thursday that Indian scientists, engineers, and academics have gained 100 patents for 6G technology. This information comes from the minister’s statement. At the Bharat Startup Summit, which was organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce, the minister delivered his speech.

“In spite of the difficulty involved, our scientists, engineers, and academics have managed to secure 100 patents in the area of 6G technology. Electronics is a highly complicated field. However, the implementation of 5G networks has already considerably above the government’s goal of bringing coverage to 200 cities by March 31, 2023; as of right now, coverage is available in 397 cities “remarked Vaishnaw in the course of her remarks.

According to reports, the minister went on to say that, “Changes must be made to hundreds of different systems whenever there is a need for a nation or economy to get to this level. Governance systems, logistical systems, financial systems, and changes in the company’s own approach to doing business all need to be rethought. Everyone ought to go on this road of transformation right now, since the moment is right. If we are successful in bringing about this transition, then there is no force on earth that can prevent India from growing its GDP to $30 trillion.”

In discussing the fact that India has begun shipping telecommunications equipment to the United States, Vaishnaw made the following statement: “For the past seven to eight months, India has begun shipping radio equipment overseas, namely to the United States. In addition, 99% of mobile phones were imported into India ten years ago, but today, 99% of mobile phones used in India are manufactured locally.”

The term “6G” refers to the sixth generation mobile system standard that is presently being developed for wireless communications technologies that enable cellular data networks. This standard is known as “6G” in the field of telecommunications.