Bard, Google’s new chat app, debuts in the US and Britain 2023

Google has asked individuals in the United Kingdom and the United States to test its artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard, as it continues its steady pursuit to catch up to Microsoft’s ChatGPT.

With the introduction of the iPhone, Bard, ChatGPT, and other similar artificial intelligence applications have taken the globe by storm as the most significant technological innovation.

Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai informed employees that after testing Bard with 80,000 Google employees, the chatbot would be tested with the public in the United Kingdom and the United States as a “first step” before expanding to other nations and languages.

Bard, a competitor to ChatGPT, was released by Google

“When more people begin to utilize Bard and explore its powers, they will wow us,” Pichai wrote in an internal document seen by AFP.

“There will be problems. But user feedback is essential for refining the product and underlying technology,” noted Pichai, who has been criticized within the business for attempting to catch up with Microsoft too quickly.

Those interested in playing Bard can sign up for a waiting list on the website, which is unique from the tech giant’s search engine.

In a blog post, Google vice presidents Sissie Hsiao and Eli Collins wrote, “We’ve learned a lot from testing Bard thus far, and the next crucial step in enhancing it is to receive input from more people.”

Hsiao and Collins noted that chatbots, as intriguing as they might be, had flaws.

Google has thus far taken a more cautious approach to releasing generative AI to users, in contrast to Microsoft’s decision to release its products quickly despite complaints of issues.

OpenAI is supported by Microsoft, which said earlier this year that it will invest billions of dollars in the research organization.

When asked by AFP how their application differed from ChatGPT, Bard stated that, unlike its Microsoft-backed competitor, it could “access and analyze information from the real world via Google Search and make my response consistent with search results.”

Google releases ChatGPT competitor Bard in the U.S. and U.K.

The bot also emphasized that it was “under development,” whereas ChatGPT had been made available to the public. This implies that I am continually learning and enhancing my skills, whereas ChatGPT is likely to remain basically unaltered.”

OpenAI has recently launched a long-awaited upgrade to its artificial intelligence system, which it claims is safer and more precise than its predecessor.

Most of the GPT-4 model’s firepower is now accessible to the public via ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI’s premium membership plan, and an AI-powered version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Microsoft claims that its rapid deployment of generative AI has resulted in a rise in Bing’s usage in recent weeks, but the company remains a clear underdog to Google, which controls around 85 percent of the worldwide search engine market.