BenQ Introduces Programmer and Hybrid Worker Eye-Care Monitors 2023

BenQ’s GW90QT series of QHD monitors are designed to maximize productivity for any task and make transitioning between devices and work activities effortless. These white 27″ and 32″ premium eye-care monitors feature 2K resolution, highly distinguishable color tones, coding mode, and m-book mode, making them an ideal option for programmers and hybrid employees.

Superior Eye-Care U Technology for Prolonged Screen Time

The GW90QT series is endowed with Eye-Care U technology, which consists of Brightness Intelligence 2, a low blue light plus function, and a distance reminder, to assist software developers in concentrating on their work and reducing eye strain in both bright and dim environments.

Multitasking Effortlessly and Remote Collaboration

Rajeev Singh, managing director of BenQ South Asia, stated that the GW90QT monitor series seeks to assist users in balancing their work and personal lives in an efficient and simple manner. With a USB-C 65W power delivery architecture, noise filter speakers, and noise cancellation microphones, these monitors simplify multitasking productivity in traditional workspaces, at home, and on the go.

Customizable Monitor Base Cover Accessory for Personalized Appearance

The GW90QT series includes a compatible accessory monitor base cover GC01 with two base cover inserts: a light grey cover with grooves and niches for smartphones, cables, pens, and office items, and a green studded platform for setting up fun building blocks and brick figures, allowing users to complete tasks efficiently and in style.

Enhancements to Resolution and Eye-Care U Technology Improve Performance

The new QHD eye-care monitor series is an improvement over the previous Full-HD GW85TC series, with a higher resolution and enhanced Eye-Care U technology. The GW90QT series has an adjustable height, pivot rotation, unique coding mode, color weakness mode compensation, and simulated e-paper reading mode for enhanced productivity and comfort.

Pricing and Distribution

The BenQ GW90QT monitors, which feature an IPS panel, QHD resolution, and a 99 percent sRGB color gamut, are now available on Amazon and in retail stores. The 27″ model is priced at INR 26,990, while the 32″ model is priced at INR 34,990. Both models feature a unique coding mode to increase programmers’ productivity. These monitors are covered by a three-year warranty.