CEO of Apple Tim Cook offers some wise words for parents 2023

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has some advise for parents: minimize your children’s time spent in front of screens. He recommended that parents establish limits for the amount of time their children should spend on electronic gadgets.
“Now days, kids are digital kids because they were born into the digital age. Tim Cook mentioned this in a recent interview he gave to GQ magazine. “And it is, I believe it is extremely necessary to have some hard rails around it,” Cook remarked. He was responding to a query posed by a journalist who had said that the young kid of one of his colleagues was “obsessed” with his smartphone.

“Don’t want individuals using their phones at excessive amount.”

Cook stated that the firm develops technology to enable people to do things they previously were unable to, but the company does not want consumers to use “our phones too much.”

We develop technology in order to provide people the ability to accomplish things they previously were unable to accomplish, to create things they previously were unable to create, and to learn things they previously were unable to learn. And by the way, I do mean that is the primary force behind us. We ask that folks refrain from using our phones too frequently. It is not something we are encouraged to do. He went on to say that we do not want that.

Make use of technologies to monitor how the phone is used.

Cook recommended that parents make advantage of the “Screen Time” function, which monitors how much time their children spend on their phones and enables them to place restrictions on how much time their children may spend using devices, downloading content, and viewing specific websites.
Users of Apple products, such as iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads, are able to monitor the total amount of screen time spent on all of their linked devices using a single Apple ID. The functionality may be found on Android devices in the Digital Wellbeing menu.

We make an effort to provide folks with resources that will assist them in putting down the phone. Because, according to Cook, “my belief is that you’re doing the wrong thing if you’re looking at the phone more than you’re looking in the eyes of somebody,” and he elaborated.