Cleaning TWS earbuds for clear sound and cleanliness 2023

Since the headphone port has been removed from the majority of modern smartphones, TWS earbuds have become an essential accessory.

The market is presently flooded with TWS options available for as little as Rs 1,000. However, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the TWS earbuds, as they rapidly accumulate dirt, earwax, and debris when used frequently, thereby affecting the sound quality.

Therefore, it is essential to clean these earbuds properly. In this article, we will discuss how to effectively sanitize your earbuds, as well as the things you should avoid doing while doing so.
But before beginning the cleansing procedure, there are a few items you should have on hand.

Here’s a rundown:

  • Brush with soft bristles –
  • Cotton swabs –
  • Microfiber fabric –
  • Rubbing alcohol

Gently clean the exterior of the earpiece.

Start by carefully cleaning the TWS earbuds with the microfiber cloth. One by one, sanitize the charging case in the same manner. Rub the earbuds with the brush to remove any visible grime.

Utilize cotton-tipped swabs and a brush to remove earwax and other debris.

Spray rubbing alcohol on the cotton and use it to sanitize the difficult-to-reach areas. Use it with care and light pressure to sanitize. Additionally, use the brush to remove earwax and detritus from openings and earpieces.

Remove and sanitize eartips separately

Eartips are likely the dirtiest component of earphones. Remove them and thoroughly wipe with rubbing alcohol and a cloth.

Be careful when using wiping alcohol

Spray the cloth with rubbing alcohol to gently dampen it. Now, begin to massage the entire exterior of both earbuds and the charging case. This will guarantee their cleanliness and hygienic condition. Also, use only the brush to sanitize the charging port; avoid using rubbing alcohol.

Avoiding certain things when washing earbuds

Do not spray rubbing alcohol directly on the earbuds, as it can enter the earbuds and cause injury. Avoid utilizing tough cleansing agents. They can irreversibly discolor and deteriorate the earbuds. Avoid damaging the apertures by avoiding excessive pressure when cleaning them. Do not use toothpicks or pointed objects to clear the charging port or earpiece grille.