LiveFit Smart Watch Reviews: Legit Or Cheap Fitness Tracker? 2023

LiveFit is an affordable fitness device that features an inactivity alert, accurate tracking, heart rate monitoring, a waterproof design, and an intuitive interface.

LiveFit Fitness Tracker

The selection of a fitness tracker is a highly individual choice. In contrast to other devices, they are designed to be worn constantly. Despite the fact that many of us have comparable health objectives, our bodies and needs are all unique.

The preferred fitness tracker of others may not work for you, and vice versa. LiveFit provides all of the benefits of leading fitness trackers at a fraction of the cost and makes monitoring your fitness progress and health from your wrist straightforward.

Effectiveness of the LiveFit Fitness Tracker. How does LiveFit maintain track of your fitness and health goals? In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about LiveFit.

What is the LiveFit program?

LiveFit is an app-enabled fitness tracker and smartwatch capable of measuring steps, analyzing sleep, making phone conversations, and sending text messages, among other functions.

LiveFit is a smartwatch and fitness tracker that integrates the biometric capabilities of a fitness tracker with the aesthetics, functionality, and phone connectivity of a smartwatch. With its sleek, black appearance, LiveFit offers style and functionality to anyone seeking to enhance their fitness and health.

In addition to measuring steps, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels in a matter of seconds, the device can also be linked to a phone for making calls and sending messages. LiveFit aspires to be the best fitness tracker for all users, regardless of whether they want to maximize health and fitness or enhance their sleep.

How does LiveFit function?

LiveFit functions similarly to other fitness trackers and smartwatches in that it uses integrated sensors to detect movement and pulse rate. You can connect to LiveFit with your phone and receive calls and messages on your watch. LiveFit can also be used on its own.

LiveFit monitors health data, such as body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and calories expended, that are ordinarily observed solely on high-end devices.

Like many other fitness devices, LiveFit monitors your heart rate. Using incorporated sensors, it measures the number of heartbeats per minute (BPM) of the blood flowing through your wrist, providing vital information on your cardiovascular health within seconds.

LiveFit’s inactivity alerts can be further personalized. LiveFit can help you live a healthier existence if, for example, you want to be reminded to stand up and exercise after sitting for too long.

The fitness monitoring of LiveFit can measure a variety of sports and workouts. You inform LiveFit of the sport or activity you’re engaging in, and it records your steps and calories burned while you’re engaged in it.

LiveFit permits the monitoring of slumber. The tracker monitors your slumber throughout the night, allowing you to awaken feeling more refreshed. While analyzing your sleep patterns and establishing the optimal sleep practices for your health and fitness, you can perform at your peak.

The top interface of the tracker displays information such as the number of steps taken, the current heart rate, the number of calories expended, the time, the date, the temperature, and the battery level. The touchscreen LED interface enables interaction with all of this information. You can use the tracker without touching your phone.

Who Requires a LiveFit Activity Tracker?

The LiveFit fitness tracker watch is optimal for individuals who wish to maintain their weight loss or activity level. It is the jack-of-all-trades of smartwatches, as it contains a broad variety of built-in applications. You can monitor vital health indicators such as your pulse rate, body temperature, blood sugar level, and blood pressure. You can use it as a pedometer and to keep track of calories burned.

What Advantages Does the Livefit Smartwatch Offer?

You can achieve your health and fitness objectives with LiveFit. Some of its distinguishing characteristics include,

  • Accurate Measurement of Fitness

Using dual sensors, the LiveFit fitness tracker monitors your physical activity, including steps taken, distance traveled, and calories expended.

  • Monitoring the Heart Rate in Real Time

It can monitor and trace your heart rate in real time and provide you with a precise depiction of how your body reacts to your current physical activity. In addition, its algorithm enables it to provide information about your cardiovascular health.

  • Sleep Pattern Observation

The LiveFit fitness tracker can monitor your sleeping patterns and the quality of your rest to assist you in modifying your sleeping regimen to enhance your health.

  • Sedentary Reminder

If the LiveFit fitness tracker detects that you have been seated for an extended period of time, it will alert you to stand up and move around. This reduces the likelihood of health risks, impaired circulation, and muscle stiffness.

  • Examines the Superiority of Your Sleep

It considers your sleep pattern, including when you slumber, how long you sleep, and how often you awaken. Monitoring these can help you identify your sleeping habits so you can readily alter them to improve your sleep quality.

  • Enables Rapid Fitness

It has real-time exercise monitoring capabilities that can help you achieve fitness goals faster by identifying areas for improvement and providing immediate feedback.

  • Waterproof Design

The splashproof construction of the LiveFit fitness device enables you to wear it in the gym or pool. This makes it an ideal companion for active individuals who are constantly on the move.

  • Identify Health Dangers

The LiveFit fitness tracker is capable of detecting changes in your vital signs and alerting you to any potential health risks. Similarly to how it suggests methods to improve your physical fitness, the tracker also provides personalized recommendations to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving your exercise goals.

LiveFit is your first step toward a healthier lifestyle


  • Reliable monitoring
  • Data collected by LiveFit can be stored for up to seven days.
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring throughout training sessions
  • Simple layout and operation.
  • Waterproof and odorless
  • The wristbands come in a rainbow of hues.
  • Extended battery life
  • The tracker may be easily adjusted to suit the user’s needs, including the addition of alerts for calls, messages, and social media.


  • It may not be compatible with all mobile devices or software.
  • Absence of a built-in GPS
  • There are fewer third-party apps that can be incorporated.

Where to Purchase LiveFit Activity Tracker

The LiveFit Fitness Tracker is available for purchase on the LiveFit website. Here, customers can find exclusive discounts, bundles, and promotions. The official website is currently offering a 50% discount. It is readily available in numerous sporting goods and electronic outlets.

  • Buy One for $35.99 + $6.99 Shipping Cost
  • Buy Two for $35.10 Each + $7.99 Shipping Cost
  • Buy Three for $26.40 Each + $8.99 Shipping Cost

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The LiveFit Fitness Tracker provides a variety of assurances. The device typically comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and hardware issues. This enables complimentary repair or replacement. If you purchase from their official website, you can extend your warranty to two years and receive a replacement plan for an additional $11.98. Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, you can reach us via email or phone at:


LiveFit combines the sophisticated features of a high-end smartwatch with the affordability of a budget-friendly fitness tracker. With its LED display, users can readily monitor their heart rate, steps, phone calls, and text messages from their wrists.

It provides a comprehensive and affordable solution for fitness enthusiasts who wish to remain connected while traveling. LiveFit is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to monitor their health and lead a more active lifestyle.