Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. bought Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) 2023

The most recent 13F filing provided by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co to the Securities and Exchange Commission shows that the business boosted its holdings in Micron Technologies, INC (NASDAQ: MU) by 16.5% during the third quarter of 2018.

The institutional investor now owns 18,598 shares of the business after acquiring 2,630 more shares of the semiconductor manufacturer’s stock during the period.

This raises their total holdings of shares to 18,598.

In its most recent disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co indicated that the value of the company’s Micron Technology holdings was $932,000.

The opinions of research experts from various firms have been collated and presented on the stock.

In a research note released on December 7, Wells Fargo & Company downgraded shares of Micron Technologies from “overweight” to “neutral” and dropped their price target from $75.00 to $70.00.

The recommendation for Micron Technologies was lowered from “buy” to “hold” in a research report published by Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft on December 12. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft kept the “buy” rating.

Moreover, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft decreased its price estimate for the stock from $60 to $55. In a study on the company’s investment strategy issued on November 16, Needham & Company LLC upgraded its earlier “buy” recommendation for Micron Technology to “strong buy.”
In addition, they boosted their stock price target to $60 per share.

In a research report released on Friday, December 30th, Argus altered their “buy” recommendation for Micron Technology to a “hold” recommendation.

The report was regarding the shares of the firm.

In a research note released on December 22, Cowen downgraded Micron Technology from “outperform” to “market perform” and cut their price target for the company from $70.00 to $66.60.

Twenty-three research analysts have recommended buyers acquire the company, six have recommended investors retain their present holdings, and two have recommended investors sell their shares.

The rating for Micron Technology has been modified to “Moderate Buy,” and the price target for the business has been set at $67.25, according to
Many funds have altered the proportion of a hedge fund’s total assets that are invested in MU during the previous few months.

During the third quarter, Renaissance Technologies LLC added roughly $374,140,000 worth of securities to its existing stake in Micron Technology.

The percentage of Micron Technologies shares owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd Canada increased by 399.3% during the third quarter.

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd now holds 3,462,049 shares of the semiconductor manufacturer’s stock after purchasing an additional 2,768,649 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

The current value of these shares is $173,483,000.

Pacer Advisors INC grew the percentage of its holdings in Micron Technologies by 3,953.3% during the third quarter.

Pacer Advisors INC now owns a direct stake in 2,665,173 shares of the semiconductor manufacturer’s stock.

After purchasing an additional 2,599,420 shares throughout the quarter, the value of these shares is now $133,525,000.

The proportion of Micron Technologies ownership owned by FIFTHDELTA Ltd increased by 288.7% during the second quarter. Having acquired an additional 2,508,600 shares of the semiconductor manufacturer’s stock during the most recent quarter, FIFTHDELTA Ltd now has a total of 3,377,400 shares.

The market value of these shares is $186,703,000.

And lastly, during the third quarter, Two Sigma Investments LP increased the value of its Micron Technologies assets by 111,372,000 dollars. The company’s shares are owned by institutional investors and hedge funds to the extent of 78.02 percent.
In related developments, the executive vice president of operations, April S.

On January 30, Arnzen exercised her option to sell 24,000 shares of company stock.

The shares were sold for a total of $1,485,840, or an average price of $61.91.

The transaction has successfully completed. Upon the conclusion of the transaction, the senior vice president will own a total of 118,885 shares of the firm, which at the time of this writing are estimated to be worth $7,360,170.35. On the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, you may examine the publicly accessible information provided to the SEC regarding the transaction.

Moreover, Executive Vice President Robert P.

Beard sold 3,000 shares of company stock on January 23.

This is due to the recent financial performance of the firm.

The senior vice president holds direct ownership of 42,840 shares of the company’s stock following the conclusion of the sale.

These shares have a total value of about $2,623,950.

The total number of shares sold was $183,750.00, and the average price obtained per share was $61.25.

It is possible to discover the documents describing the transaction on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.
In addition, Senior Vice President April S.

The sale of 24,000 shares of the company’s equity by Arnzen.

The shares were sold for a total of $1,485,840, or an average price of $61.91.

The transaction has successfully completed.

The senior vice president now owns 118,895 company shares with a total value of about $7,360,170.35 after the conclusion of the transaction.

This area of the website may include disclosures connected to the sale.

Throughout the last ninety days, corporate insiders sold a total of 47,000 shares of company stock, resulting in the firm realizing a total of $2,914,190.

32% of the company’s shares are held privately by the company’s employees.

Monday marked the debut of NASDAQ: MU trading at $54.30.

The current beta value of the company is 1.39, and its market capitalization is $59.25 billion.

The ratio of price to earnings is 9.97.

On its 200-day simple moving average, the price of the stock has hit $55.86, while on its 50-day simple moving average, the price has reached $58.41.

The price of a share of Micron Technology, INC has ranged between $48.43 and $86.24 during the last year, reaching a low of $48.43 and a high of $86.24.

The debt-to-equity ratio is 0.20, the quick ratio measures 2.23, the current ratio measures 3.51, and the quick ratio measures 3.51 as well.
A report on Micron Technologies (NASDAQ: MU) performance was made available to the public on December 21.

The semiconductor business announced quarterly earnings per share of $0.15, which was $0.02 less than the experts’ consensus estimate of $0.13.

Analysts had projected that the business will announce earnings of $0.13 per share.

Micron Technologies’ return on equity and net margin were decent at 13.26% and 22.78%, respectively.

The revenue for the quarter was $4.09 billion, which was less than the $4.14 billion that had been predicted by analysts at the same time.

During the same quarter in the previous fiscal year, the firm earned a profit of $2.07 per share.

The overall revenue for the quarter decreased by 46.9% compared to the same time in the prior year.

Micron Technology, Inc. is predicted to announce earnings of $2.71 per share for the current fiscal year, according to forecasts made by experts who track the stock market.