Microsoft Edge tries a desktop-pinnable sidebar 2023

Microsoft Edge is evaluating a new sidebar-enhancing feature. Edge Canary version 114.0.1789.0 allows users to detach and deploy the browser’s sidebar to the desktop, as reported by GeekerMag (via Windows Central) earlier.

While I was unable to test the feature myself, Viney Dhiman of GeekerMag demonstrates how it works in the video embedded below. Simply click the “Detach from Edge” icon at the foot of the sidebar, and Edge will pin the sidebar to the right side of your desktop.

Bing’s AI-powered chatbot and picture generator are accessible without a webpage.

The sidebar will remain visible even when Edge is minimized, allowing you to access Bing’s artificial intelligence chatbot and other tools without a webpage being loaded. To reconnect the sidebar, click the same icon used to detach it. According to Windows Central, this feature is only trickling out to a subset of Edge Canary and Dev users, so even if you have access to both channels, you may not see it.

Microsoft recently added an AI-powered chatbot and an image generator to Edge’s sidebar, in addition to a number of other features. You can also utilize the sidebar to rapidly retrieve emails, launch Microsoft Office, play games, and access your preferred bookmarked websites.

This adaptability makes it clear why Microsoft is experimenting with detachability. For instance, if you’re using Microsoft Word on your computer, you can leave the sidebar open in case you need to access Bing’s chatbot for assistance with writing or creating an outline. You can even use it to monitor your communications at a glance, which makes it a convenient way to access tools without interrupting your workflow.