Microsoft Teams integrates Snapchat Lenses 2023

Through Snapchat Lenses for Microsoft Teams, you can now add a touch of silliness to your Teams meetings by wearing a chicken on your head or receiving Monday morning embraces from a sloth. Microsoft announced last week that more than twenty of the most popular Snapchat Lenses are now available to Teams customers worldwide.

With 280 million users worldwide, Teams has become an integral component of the modern workplace; new features such as Snapchat Lenses seek to enhance the experience. The collection consists of Sunglasses Lens, Bear in Love, Cat on Head, and Sunset Lenses, which provide users with amusing methods to express themselves, develop relationships, and add some humor to their meetings.

According to a Microsoft blog post, Snapchat Lenses for Teams have been directly integrated and there is no need for additional installations.

Microsoft has launched over 20 popular Snapchat Lenses to Teams for users worldwide.

According to the blog post, Snapchat Lenses, made possible by Snap’s Camera Kit, will enable users to add augmented reality (AR) effects to video conversations, making interactions more engaging.

However, these effects are optional, and users can choose not to use them or test out the more subdued ones, such as the “smooth look” filter for a “glow up” that does not include animations.

To use Snapchat Lenses, click on Video Effects, then More Video Effects, then navigate down in the right pane and select “Snapchat” under “Filters” and choose your preferred Lens before joining. It is also possible to apply parameters after joining a meeting.

Microsoft Teams was recently redesigned to make the experience quicker and simpler. Microsoft migrated from Electron to Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 as the host technology and from Angular to React for constructing user interfaces. Microsoft explained in a blog post that the primary advantages of WebView2 include reduced memory consumption and a smaller disk footprint as resources are shared with Edge.