NAB 2023 debuts NiSi Athena Prime Cine Lenses 2023

At NAB 2023, NiSi introduceds its new Athena Prime cine lenses. The focal lengths of the Athena series range from 14mm to 85mm, and they all support full-frame sensors and image circles up to 46.5mm.

The focal lengths are as follows:

  • 14mm T2.4
  • 25mm T1.9
  • 35mm T1.9
  • 50mm T1.9
  • 85mm T1.9

Except for the 14mm lens, which has a T2.4 aperture, all of the lenses have a T1.9 aperture. NiSi claims that all of its lenses have minimal focus breathing, and a quick examination of the lenses at the trade exhibit confirmed this to be the case. All the lenses are the same size and weight, and their 77mm filter mount makes it simple to screw on filters such as variable neutral density filters.

In addition to being the same size, the aperture and focus rings are all located in the same place, making them simple to swap without having to reposition lens motors or rebalance a gimbal, etc.

The lenses, according to NiSi, were designed to attain maximum micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration.

Athena lenses are offered in PL, Sony E, and Canon RF formats.

Versions of the lens with Sony E and Canon RF mounts incorporate a rear filter slot. This permits the installation of rear VND and other filters. Only NiSi filters are compatible with this drop-in filter.

For the PL version, rear-mounted filters can be screwed on.

The Athena lenses are not the first Cine lenses offered by NiSi under its brand name. They first announced the F3 prime lenses in 2018.

The new NiSi F3 prime lenses covered sensors with a 46.5mm format, making them compatible with a wide variety of cameras.

The lenses were identical to those sold by Kinefinity under the MAVO brand name. The lenses were manufactured by NiSi, and Kinefinity simply rebranded them.

Cost and Availability

Late in June, Athena Prime cine lenses will be available. They are priced at $1,098 USD, with the exception of the 14mm lens, which will cost $1,198 USD.

Five lens packages can be purchased for $5,590.00 USD.

There appeared to be no chromatic aberration or onion ring bokeh in the lenses. They have a very clean appearance and appear to be a decent, reasonably priced option.