Patch 3 for Sons of the Forest came out today 2023

Today marks the release of the third major upgrade for Sons of the Forest (Patch 3), and developer Endnight Games has released the complete patch notes detailing all of the additions to the Early Access survival horror game. In addition to the expected issue fixes and balance adjustments, new items such as Nightvision Eyewear, the rideable E.U.C. Knight V, and Solar Panels have been added.

Today saw the newest Sons of the Forest update. Patch 3 notes follow.

Indeed, additional constructible and numerous other gameplay and Kelvin enhancements have been introduced. The AI of cannibals is now a bit different, and critical systems have received improvements to their quality of life.

According to Endnight Games, the comprehensive patch notes for the latest Sons of the Forest update are provided below.

Full Patch Notes for Update 3 of Sons of the Forest Features

  • Rider-friendly E.U.C. ‘Knight V’
  • Nightvision spectacles
  • Addition of solar panels, light fixtures, and wiring to the construction system
  • Now, ramps/stairs can be constructed between a beam and a wall.
  • Constructible spring trap
  • Functional armor mount (replaces mannequin)
  • Added a delete settings icon / option (also limited amount of save slots to 30 to fix issues with steam cloud sync)


  • Now, dead infants have buoyancy in water.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Puffton’s garments now catch fire when incinerated.
  • Added security camera model to opulent entrance of shelter
  • Large cannibal observation structures and huts can now be destroyed.
  • Adjusted lakeside navigation areas to resolve an issue with animals/characters becoming stranded at the margins
  • Can now lift up and toss spongy corpses
  • It is now simpler to dismember deceased characters with melee attacks.
  • Adjusted eerie spawning logic in caverns; enemies should no longer spawn visibly and should not spawn in excessive numbers over time. Improved some enemy base attack logic.
  • Setting for enemy damage is now replicated accurately to clients in multiplayer.
  • Kelvin’s “return to shelter” command will also return to cots and hunting shelters.
  • Kelvin can now take up and visibly carry all varieties of arrows, as well as release the appropriate type of arrow.
  • Small animals will no longer set off Fly Swatter and Bone Maker devices.
  • Improved morgue illumination in bunker residential and added some cultists there Added flower wreaths to some cultists who had died there.
  • Added world position fixer to prevent players from exiting the world on X and Z.
  • Added quarter resolution mipmap limit option and assigning it to book pages to prevent them from becoming illegible at low texture settings.
  • Set rock, stick, and small boulder collision disabling when not in dynamic mode.
  • Fixed visual inconsistencies between player apparel blends and those of other players in multiplayer
  • Tarp and turtle shell inventory counts will now be displayed.
  • Rechristened as an armor rack
  • Reduced the quantity of duct tape required to construct an armor rack to 1. Added a shimmy area after the hell cave final fight.
  • Made it possible to exit hell cave after completing the game if reentering it.
  • The cave rope ascent trigger is now accessible from a broader angle.
  • Creepies will now be concealed if they stray into cutscenes.
  • Virginia will now conceal firearms when carrying a gift and discard the gift upon engaging combat.


  • The capacity of cannibals to avoid heavy assaults increased.
  • Enhanced John2 structure destruction
  • Enemies now retreat further when they are frightened.


  • Issue with nomad cannibal families reproducing in excess of the utmost allowed has been resolved.
  • More instances of adversaries and large animals spawning in player bases have been fixed.
  • Corrections to messages in the locate the Puffton tutorial lacking a translation
  • Minor delay has been eliminated when hovering over the departure confirm icon.
  • Several more instances of using a stick to malfunction out of the world have been fixed.
  • Fixed animation glitch in male puffy aggressive stroll repeat
  • Fixed areas where players could become stranded in infernal grotto
  • If the player saves and reloads before picking up a dropped knapsack, it will now correctly materialize.
  • Grab bag should no longer trap the player in a poor state if it is rapidly opened and closed.
  • The player should no longer enter a fractured state if they begin swimming while refilling a flask.
  • Added a safeguard so that if a player’s lighter, tracker, combat knife, guide book, or grab bag are lost, they will be re-added when a saved game is loaded.
  • When the player’s fallen backpack is retrieved, it verifies that the player now possesses the backpack item.
  • In uncommon circumstances, the player should no longer be able to lose their knapsack when using Quick select.
  • No longer will fish on drying racks despawn when their maximum retrieval count is attained.
  • Items on the campfire no longer despawn automatically
  • It is no longer possible for a heavy actor to spontaneously return to an upright position during struck head reaction.
  • Fixed Kelvin’s inability to cease attempting to fill the holder in which the player placed their final item. Fixed player’s inability to move if their machete ground attack is interrupted.
  • Resolved an issue where the stun baton Effects would sometimes remain active when the game was interrupted
  • Fixed issue where occasionally there were more fish than allowed maximum.
  • Improved logic to prevent instances of adversaries suddenly appearing. Fixed falling trees not striking cannibals.
  • Fixed clients occasionally see additional GPS locators for Virginia
  • Resolved multiplayer client taking weapon with multiple modifications from Virginia and losing a mod.
  • Fixed visual issues involving the decapitation of the hefty, faceless cannibal and the female voluminous


  • The logarithmic scale applied to volume sliders
  • Append an audio event for animations in which a cannibal strikes the ground with a weapon.
  • These are the complete patch notes for today’s Sons of the Forest update. We’ll shortly have more information on the Nightvision Goggles, Solar Panels, and Knight V in the Companions of the Forest guides center!