Samsung Chromebooks gain cameras and microphones privacy toggles 2023

After they have been implemented on Android, Google intends to make privacy toggles for camera and microphone access system-wide in ChromeOS.

This brand new feature was discovered by 9To5Google to be present in a newly released beta version of ChromeOS; thus, it is now available for usage on any Samsung Chromebooks that are running a beta version of ChromeOS.

When you navigate to the ChromeOS Settings menu and select Security and Privacy > Privacy controls, a brand new area is added to the existing menu. You will find switches that allow you to access the camera and the microphone.

Camera and microphone are coming to Samsung Chromebooks. Privacy controls

Additionally, the operating system is able to distinguish between a front camera and an inside microphone when determining whether or not to enable or disable the respective component.

When these toggles are disabled, you will receive a notification from the system asking you to enable camera access whenever an application or website requests permission to use the camera.

Webcams and microphones are coming to Samsung Chromebooks. Discretion controls

When you provide permission for it, it will grant access to the camera to any and all applications and websites that have microphone and camera permissions enabled.

According to Google, privacy toggles for the camera and microphone will be included in the stable version of ChromeOS that will be published later this year. If you are using the most recent beta version of Chrome OS on your Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, you are able to make use of these capabilities right away.

Toggle switches enabling expedited configuration of these capabilities would be a welcome addition to any future versions of ChromeOS released by Google.

ChromeOS is gradually gaining support for Android’s feature set thanks to Google’s efforts. Additionally, it has enabled the capability to stream applications from an Android smartphone to a laptop running Chrome OS. The Material You design, Google Assistant, Smart Lock, Nearby Share, and Instant Tethering (which utilizes the phone’s cellular data by tethering it to a Wi-Fi hotspot) are a few of the additional features.