Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro price was reduced again this week 2023

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the first “Pro” model from the firm, and it lives up to the moniker with a high-end design and extensive fitness tracking capabilities. Now that it’s on sale and less expensive, it’s a wonderful option for anyone looking for a high-quality smartwatch with long battery life.

This device has rarely dropped below the $400 barrier, but Amazon just started selling it for that price last week. With the latest price drop, the Watch 5 Pro is available for just $363, making it an even more compelling option for anyone thinking about purchasing a smartwatch.

Some highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that you’ll appreciate

If you have a good smartwatch, you won’t have to pull out your phone every two minutes to check your messages or answer calls. At least you won’t have to look at your phone to know it’s a robocall these days. You may also use this smartwatch as a GPS tracker and make contactless payments by holding out your wrist in front of a point-of-sale terminal.

Also noteworthy is its long battery life, which lasts days rather than hours like most smartwatches.

The 5 Pro, like any excellent smartwatch, will also assist in monitoring your health and fitness levels. You can skip starting a workout from the menu because it can identify up to 20 of them automatically. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also has the ability to track your heart rate, take an electrocardiogram, and evaluate your blood oxygen levels, among other things.

While all of these features are great, we regretfully must point out that this smartwatch’s durability comes at the expense of its compatibility with a wide variety of wrist sizes. Some people may find that its 45mm size and bulky, heavy construction are too much for them. Furthermore, we found the included band to be rather bulky, so you may want to consider upgrading once you receive your package.