Saudi Aramco, Linde Engineers Develop Ammonia-Cracking Technology 2023

Aramco (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia) and Linde Engineering (Pullach, Germany) have announced the signing of a deal to develop a new ammonia-cracking technology collaboratively. Linde Engineering and Aramco will combine their expertise and skills in industrial research and development, lower-carbon hydrogen, and ammonia-cracking technologies through their cooperation.

The ammonia cracking catalyst jointly developed by Aramco and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST; Thuwal, Saudi Arabia) will be assessed against other catalysts as a possible differentiator for this new technology.

Aramco and Linde Engineering propose to construct a demonstration facility in northern Germany to display this revolutionary ammonia-cracking technology under this arrangement. Linde Engineering plans to provide this ammonia-cracking technology to existing and prospective clients, therefore providing new financial prospects within the worldwide supply chain for low-carbon energy. Emerging low-carbon ammonia production may play a crucial role in bridging the gap between renewable energy production capacity and overall energy demand.

Aramco’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, Ahmad Al-Khowaiter, explains, “This arrangement is part of our continuing technical and business development efforts to construct a commercially viable, lower-carbon hydrogen supply chain.” We think that the enhanced ammonia cracking technology we are co-developing with Linde Engineering will be important in achieving our goals.”

John van der Velden, senior vice president of global sales and technology at Linde Engineering, states, “Effective ammonia-cracking technology helps the world’s pressing need for decarbonization. By completing the missing link in the export chain, regions with strong renewable and clean energy potential may transport cleaner energy to places with less resources. We anticipate working closely with Aramco to develop and market this vital technology, therefore providing new economic potential for Linde Engineering and Aramco.”