The Technological Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi unveils Falcon LLM 2023

Abu Dhabi-UAE – The Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a leading global scientific research center and the applied research arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), has bolstered its generative AI credentials with the introduction of “Falcon LLM,” a 40 billion-parameter large language model (LLM). AI and Digital Science Research Center’s (AIDRC) AI Cross-Center Unit, the group responsible for constructing Noor, the world’s biggest Arabic language model, creates Falcon LLM, the 40B model that beats GPT3. One trillion tokens have been used to train the Falcon LLM 40B model. The model utilizes just 75% of the GPT-3 training compute, 40% of the Chinchilla training compute, and 80% of the PaLM-62B training compute.

Nowadays, the latest breakthroughs in massive language models have proved their potential to create innovative content, solve complicated issues, and deliver considerable advantages to billions of people. LLMs are applicable to several applications, including chatbots, virtual assistants, language translation, content creation, and sentiment analysis. By offering rapid and effective solutions to client inquiries, they may aid organizations in streamlining their customer service processes. This deep tech is helping corporations and nations to gain substantial savings – from boosting efficiencies to cutting down personnel expenses and discovering new income sources – simply with its adoption in organizations or departments. Additionally, on-premises LLMs are appropriate for enterprises requiring real-time processing and maintaining secret or proprietary data. This is essential for protecting data privacy and preserving competitive advantage.

Commenting on this Amazing breakthrough, Dr. Ray O. Johnson, CEO, of TII said: “The year 2023 is turning up to be the year of AI. Falcon This is significant news for us, but this is just the beginning. By the end of the year, we will be providing news on a major expansion in capabilities in this field.

“We recognize that this is the start of a historic journey,” Johnson stated, “we will move on to provide this area its own AI success stories, well-aligned with the UAE’s National AI Strategy.”

Prof. Mérouane Debbah, Chief Researcher, AI, and Digital Science Research Center, stated, “We are thrilled to advance the world’s understanding of the power and benefits of these LLMs, which will have a significant impact on many fields, including education, healthcare, film production, and computer-generated imagery. As the nation’s economy continues to expand and diversify, this is a significant milestone in the area. The Falcon LLM model represents the beginning of a new journey.”

Dr. Ebtesam Almazroui, Director of, the AI Cross-Center Unit at AIDRC, and project lead of LLMs, who plays a pivotal role in building LLMs and enhancing the UAE’s capability in this space, stated: “This accomplishment exemplifies the UAE’s forward-thinking approach and its emphasis on innovation and technology. This model was created as part of our efforts to realize the country’s economic vision and strategic strategy, “We the UAE 2031.”

“We are ecstatic to reveal the groundbreaking performance of our Falcon LLM 40B model, which outperforms models like BLOOM and GPT-3 despite being a fraction of their size. Because of its cutting-edge data processing, Falcon LLM also outperforms new-generation models. Specifically, it equals the performance of DeepMind’s Chinchilla and Google’s PaLM-62B, but at far reduced training expenses. Falcon LLM is trained using scaling principles from Hoffmann et al., and the model’s size and data quality have been maintained reasonably small. We offer our deepest congratulations to the whole team for their dedicated work on this groundbreaking project. With the Falcon LLM 40B as our flagship LLM model, we are convinced that the UAE will continue to lead the way in the knowledge economy, propelling growth and prosperity.”