WhatsApp launches “Voice Message Transcripts” 2023

A brand new feature for WhatsApp known as voice message transcripts was recently released. If the user is in a position where they are unable to listen to the voice note, this function gives them access to the contents of any voice messages they have received.

A deployment to a larger audience is anticipated to take place within the next few weeks. At this time, only select beta testers have access to the functionality. In order to make advantage of the functionality, the WhatsApp beta for iOS update on the TestFlight app needs to be installed.

Use requires the TestFlight WhatsApp beta for iOS upgrade. However, only a few beta testers can use it.

However, at this time, access to the feature is restricted to a relatively small number of beta testers.

Users who would prefer not to make use of the voice message transcripts feature are able to disable it by navigating to the WhatsApp Settings menu, selecting Chats, and then selecting the Voice Message Transcripts option.

Because it enables the app to process voice messages locally on the user’s device rather than sending them to remote servers, this feature can only be used with iOS 16 and not with older versions of the operating system.

This is because API restrictions prevent it from being used with older versions of the software. Also. By granting users the ability to search for certain aspects within the transcribed message, WhatsApp will make it much easier to uncover specific information within lengthy voice notes.