Xiaomi Master Series 86-Inch Mini LED TV with Improved Picture Quality 2023

Xiaomi has formally announced the release of its new television product, the Xiaomi Master 86-inch Mini LED TV, which boasts “carefully calibrated picture quality.” As a new addition to Xiaomi’s “Master” series, the 86-inch screen utilizes Mini LED technology, which offers significant hardware advantages over conventional LED backlighting, including a wide color gamut, high contrast, and refined dynamic partitioning.

Xiaomi will Introduce an 86-Inch Mini LED TV from the Master Series with Improved Picture Quality

Simultaneously, Xiaomi has integrated a brand-new, self-developed engine into this television, rewriting the algorithm for determining image quality and delivering color accuracy at the professional level. In terms of color fidelity and picture quality, the Master 86-inch Mini LED TV represents the apogee of Xiaomi’s television lineup.

As part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem, the television also features the company’s proprietary “multi-screen color consistency” technology, which ensures uniform color displays across televisions, smartphones, and tablets. This fundamentally remedies the display issues caused by color inconsistencies when mirroring a smartphone or tablet’s screen.

According to the information presently available, the Xiaomi Master 86 inch Mini LED TV, as a new product in Xiaomi’s premium “Master” television series, has undergone significant hardware and software enhancements. Obviously, as a premium television product, sound quality and response time are also essential.

Although Xiaomi has not yet disclosed the TV’s efficacy in these areas, it is anticipated that it will be impressive. In addition to the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and the Xiaomi Mi Band 8, the Xiaomi Master 86-inch Mini LED TV will be unveiled at a launch event on April 18.